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List of Photographers/Publishers

Post Card Views of


Yellow background denotes an Edinburgh photographer or publisher.

Green background denotes  photographer or publisher from elsewhere.


-  AF [The A and F are combined in a logo on the front of the card]

These cards were produced for Patrick Thomson's Cash Drapery Store

- Castle from the Vennel

- Castle from Johnston Terrace

-  A & P

A sepia postcard

Douglas Crescent (No. 77)

Not posted

-  Abacus Colour Printers Ltd (Cumbria)

- Bank of Scotland Head Office at night [This card produced for and Bank of Scotland]

Aerial Photos Ltd. [=AP Ltd]

Aerial Photos Ltd  -  Lorimer & Clark Brewery, Slateford Road, Edinburgh

Some of these cards were published by John Menzies.

Valentines also claim to be the sole publishers.

The company existed from 1919 until 1924.  Please click on the thumbnail image above for further details.

-  Calton Hill

-  Edinburgh Castle

-  Lorimer & Clark Brewery not posted

-  Adamson, H  -  Stationer Piershill

Postcard sold by H Adamson,  Piershill, Edinbrgh  -  Piershill Barracks     Postcard sold by H Adamson,  Piershill, Edinbrgh  -  Piershill Barracks     Postcard sold by H Adamson,  Piershill, Edinbrgh  - RFA Piershill

H Adamson was the seller of the card below, not the publisher.  Neither the publisher nor the photographer is named on the card.

- Piershill Barracks  (Royal Field Artillery - gun carriages)  Posted  1909.

- Piershill Barracks  (17th Lancers - groups of horses)   Posted  1916.

- Piershill Barracks  (17th Lancers - horses and church)  Not posted

-  Aero Pictorial Ltd. 137 Regent Road, Edinburgh

-  Aerofilms Ltd.

Black & white aerial views of United Wire Works, Granton, Edinburgh appear on postcards published by United Wire Works.

However, I also have a coloured view of the same scene that has Aerofilm's name on the front and no publisher's name on the back.

- United Wire Works (aerial view) [colour]  not posted

-  Aircraft Manufacturing Co, Ltd  Hendon

 - Aerial view of Edinburgh - from SW

-  Albany

Postcard  -  Looking along Starbank Road towards Trinity Crescent

Thumbnail Images


Albany Series cards were black &white, sepia and coloured.  Most were numbered. Most appear to feature views in the Portobello / Duddingston area in the east of Edinburgh.

Black & White

-  Craigmillar Park  (1582)

-  Gilmerton Cross Roads  (1465, a96/147)

Duddingston Loch (1590)

-  Edinburgh School of Art - laying foundation stone 1907 (4271)


-  Holyrood Palace  (no number)

-  Waverley Bridge 'Farewell to Their Majesties' (5223)


-  Craigmillar Castle  (3294)

-  Liberton (4710)

-  Portobello, Beach + Pier (2557)

-  Portobello, Promenade (3507?)

-  Trinity (3276)

-  The Bandstand, Portobello (4289)

I received the following message from Alastair Campbell:

"I am trying to establish a contact for Albany Post Cards. Can you help?"

If you can help, please e-mail me and I will forward your message. 

Thank you.  -  Peter Stubbs

Alexander Series 

A sepia postcard

- Landing at Newhaven   - Not posted

-  Alexander, John 1 Starbank Road, Newhaven

I have only seen one card with this address.  It was a local Newhaven card.

- Starbank Road  (Valentine, No 66019)

Alicia Conde 

A series of at least five postcards of Edinburgh closes, entitled "Close Encounters" currently on sale (August 2006) in the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.  I believe that Alicia has also produced a small book featuring some of her photos of Edinburgh closes.

Allday Ltd  Birmingham

Allday Ltd was also one of several companies that published postcards for Shurey's publications.  (See below.)

-  Edinburgh from the Castle

Stamp square message: "Printed exclusively for Shurey's Publications".
Address-side message says that the card was issued free with Shurey's Publications

-  Alphalsa Publishing Co London

- Locomotive near Waverley Station

Anderson, Alexr. G  The Arcade, Princes Street, Edinburgh

Princes Street looking East  -  post card  -  Alex Anderson

Thumbnail Images

Alexr. G Anderson

Alexander G Anderson sold 'Real Photographic' postcards from his Souvenir Shops of Scotland at The Arcade, Princes Street.  Several of these all had the same sky printed on them.

Postcards with the same sky:  (All skies are the same as on the card illustrated above.)

-  Calton Hill

-  Edinburgh Castle from the Grassmarket

-  Edinburgh from the Castle  Posted 1960, but the card looks much older.

-  North British Hotel from the Scott Monument

Royal Mile at the Netherbow

-  St Giles Church                Posted 1922.

-  Scott Monument from North British Hotel

Other postcards:

- The Forth Bridge

-  Edinbrugh Castle and Esplanade (Photo no.8.)                            Posted 1931

-  The Royal Mile, Edinburgh (Black Watch passing the Netherbow)  Posted 1924

-  National Galleries from the Scott Monument)

-  Anderson, David A

Steamprint Series

Large post cards

- Edinburgh Tram

Anderson R  -  published for ... 17 Forrest Road, Edinburgh

- Daniel Stewart College and War Memorial

- Leith suburbs

-  Anderson Stationer  North Junction St, Leith

A postcard from Anderson, North Junction Street, Leith  -  David Kilpatrick School

JM Caledonia Series

- Leith suburbs

- David Kilpatrick School, Leith

-  Ancient Monument Dept HM Office of Works

The Edinburgh Castle photo below was from a negative by Valentine

- Edinburgh Castle from Johnston Terrace 

Posted 1925

Archer, Alexander

Pencil sketch drawn by Alexander Archer, RIAS<, RCAHMS

-  Dean Village (pencil sketch)

-  Armando Charles Collection

Large post card]

- Cramond

-  Art Publishing Co Glasgow

Post Card  -  Portobello Pier  -  The Art Publishing Co, Glasgow

- Central Edinburgh   (black + white, sepia and colour post cards)  Posted 1915

-  Portobello Pier  sepia  Posted 1910

-  The Sands, Portobello ("Two's Company") pastel shades  Posted 1904

-  Art Unlimited, Amsterdam

 - The only Edinburgh postcard that I have seen from this publisher is a black and white view of the Forth Rail Bridge, taken from the Forth:  Aart Klein, 1980.

-  Aytoun, R  Dalkeith

Colourcraft Greetings

- Portobello



 Postcard Views

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 Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  White Horse Close

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