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List of Photographers/Publishers

Post Card Views of


Yellow background denotes an Edinburgh photographer or publisher.

Green background denotes  photographer or publisher from elsewhere.


HB  London

This company could be Hutson Brothers of London  [Mike Pettigrew]

- Central Edinburgh

- Scottish National Exhibition, 1908 (cartoon card)

HH & S

- Edinburgh from Calton Hill

- John Knox House

- Surgeon's Hall

Posted 1911


Postcard by H M  -  Marine Gardens, Portobello

What is known about this company?  I have only seen one card published by them.

- Marine Gardens (sepia)

Posted 1909

-  H P M - E

The 'E' in the name presumably stands for Edinburgh, but what is 'H P M'?

- Braid Road and Braidburn Dairy  - 'Picturesque Morningside'    Posted 1905

-  Pentland Terrace, Morningside    Posted 1906

Hagelberg                                                       See WH Berlin

   Postcard published by WH, Berlin, with many small cut-out windows and moon, to be held up to the light   -  Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat

-  Hanley, Lynn  Printers

Modern postcards reproducing  coloured drawings of Edinburgh scenes  -  printed for St Columba's Hospice

- Lawnmarket

- McEwan Hall

- Ramsay Garden in the Snow

- The Shore at Leith

- Springtime at Edinburgh Castle

- Victoria Street

- Walking in Castlehill

- Wedding at St Giles

- Whitehorse Close

- Winter, Grassmarket

Harry Ramsden                                                  

- Harry Ramsden's Fish Restaurant, Newhaven

-  Hartmann

 Hartmann Postcard  -  Miniature Series  -  Leith

Thumbnail Images


Colour  -  Moonlight Views

- Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat (moonlight)

- Princes Street looking East from Scott Monument  (moonlight)

- View from the Castle (moonlight)

Colour  -  J M & Co Caledonia Series 
What was the connection between Hartmann and J M & Co?

- Forth Bridge (and White Heather)  -  Posted 1907

Colour  -  Miniature Series

- Edinburgh (8 small views)

- Leith (8 small views)

- Portobello (8 small views)

Colour  -  P W & M Vello Series
What was the connection between Hartmann and P W & M?

- Princes Street Gardens

Colour  -  Real Glossy Series

- Edinburgh Castle, from the Grassmarket (vertical)

- Joppa Road

Colour  -  Real Glossy Tartan Series

- Holyrood Palace (Stewart Hunting Tartan + Thistles)

Colour  -  Other

- Arthur Seat + Salisbury Crags

- Arthur Seat + Salisbury Crags

- Calton Hill

- Colinton, Dreghorn Loan

- Edinburgh Castle, from the Grassmarket (horizontal))

- Edinburgh Castle, from Princes Street Gardens

- Edinburgh Castle, from Scott Monument

- Edinburgh Castle + Ross Fountain

- Foot of Leith Walk

- Leith, Foot of the Walk

- Newhaven, New Lane

- Old Town, from Scott Monument

- Princes Street, looking east

- Princes Street, looking west

- Scott Monument

Sepia  -  Trade advert on the back

- Calton Hill

- Scott Monument

Sepia  -  Edinburgh Coat of Arms

- Arthur Seat + Salisbury Crags

- Edinburgh, from Calton Hill

- Edinburgh Castle, from Scott Monument

- George Street

- Holyrood Palace + Arthur's Seat

- John Knox House, Netherbow

- Mercat Cross

- View from Calton Hill

- View from the Castle

- White Horse Close

Sepia  -  Edinburgh Coat of Arms

- Couper Street School

Sepia and Black & White -  Other

- Arthur Seat + Salisbury Crags

- Calton Hill

- Craigmillar Castle

- Edinburgh Castle, from Scott Monument

- George Street

- Granton

- Holyrood, Abbey Strand

- Leith, Inner Harbour

- Leith, Outer Harbour

- Leith, The Shore

- Leith from Calton Hill

- Princes Street, looking east

- Portobello Beach

- University + South Bridge

- View from Calton Hill

- View from the Castle

- White Horse Close

Posted 1903-1913  (- most 1903-08)

Thank you to D Richard Torrance who told me:

"Postcards in the Waverly (no second 'e') Series were produced by Hartmann and have a number 1050.n on them. They may be glossy photographic ones or mat b&w cards. Coloured postcards of the same views carry a different number."

D Richard Torrance, Edinburgh:  April 20, 2008.

-  Harvey, G & M  62 Home Street, Edinburgh

I have only seen this one postcard by G & M Harvey.  It is of 'his own' street.  This card comes from the collection of Malcolm Cant.

- Home Street    Posted 1912

Hay, WJ

Huntly House from Bakehouse Close  -  Postcard  -  W J Hay  -  'Knox series'

Thumbnail Images

W J Hay

Knox Series

- Edinburgh (many different views, particularly of the Royal Mile)

- John Knox House (several different views, interior and exterior)

I have about 50 postcards published by W J Hay.  All except one of them are described as "Knox Series".  The exception is "W D Y & W".

All cards are sepia in tone, though there are some variation in tone, and there are several different styles of backs to the cards.

Only one of the cards has been posted (- from Dunedin, New Zealand, to Edinburgh in 1991!)  The message on the card says that the date underneath the postage stamp was 23 August 1936. 

Most of the cards show buildings with little indication of the date of the photograph. In the exceptional case where transport is included, it appears that the photograph may have been taken in the early 1900s.)

Please click here for thumbnail images and a list of postcards

Henderson Ltd  Maybole

Modern coloured post card  -  Mastercolour Series

-  Edinburgh Castle    Posted 1959

-  The Castle and Princes Street, Edinburgh (C158)  Not posted.


See S Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd.

Hinde, John, (Distributors) Ltd  Printed in Ireland

- Scott Monument  -  photograph by D Noble

- Scott Monument  -  photograph by E Ludwig

- Edinburgh Castle  -  photograph by E Ludwig


Photos by E Ludwig, John Hinde Studios

- Princes Street Gardens

- Scottish Pipers, Edinburgh Castle

Hills  Sunderland

- Holyrood Palace

-  Hogg, AM  23 London Road, Edinburgh

Views around Abbeyhill

-  Hillside Crescent

-  Waverley Place and Carlyle Place, Edinburgh  Posted 1923

Posted 1923-35


Real Photographic Series

Postcard - Holmes Real Photographic Series  -  The West Pier, Leith

This postcard below has the name "Herald  Series - WM???" (top centre, back).
It also has the words 'Holmes Real Photographic Series (left hand side, back).

-  Leith, West Pier

This post card has the same sky as several post cards by  Anderson

- Calton Hill 

-  Horberry, John   Warrender Park Post Office, Edinburgh

I have seen three postcards with this name on the back.  All come from the collection of Malcolm Cant.

-  Warrender Park Terrace, Edinburgh  (James Valentine 72277)

-  Arden Street, Edinburgh  (James Valentine 72278)

-  Warrender Park Road and Usher Institute, Edinburgh  (James Valentine 60523)

Horrocks & Co.   Ashton

The card below, printed by Horrocks & Co, Ashton, is No 34 in a set of 40 cards advertising Wood-Milne Rubber Heels.

- Edinburgh National Gallery & Castle

Hulme Bros.   Southport

- Holyrood Palace (Aluminium card) 

- Holyrood Palace (Aluminium card with glitter added) 

-  Hunter, G  10 Hillside Terrace, Edinburgh 12

Views of Edinburgh trams and buses, including:

- Edinburgh Cable Car, No. 154

Not posted

-  Hunter, P  Portobello

- Portobello

Posted 1915

-  Hunter, R  158 High Street, Portobello

- Joppa

Hutcheson Alex  Colinton

One of the views below was published by JRRE

- Edinburgh suburbs  -  Colinton (several different views)

Posted 1905-23



 Postcard Views

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 Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  White Horse Close

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