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List of Photographers/Publishers

Post Card Views of


Yellow background denotes an Edinburgh photographer or publisher.

Green background denotes  photographer or publisher from elsewhere.


PPC - Philco Publishing Co  London - ' Printed at our works in Germany'

Leith  -  The Shore  -  looking towards the sea

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PPC -  Philco

Philco Publishing Co produced several series of cards, many with tartan borders..  The company operated from 1906 until 1934    [TR]

Here are a few postcards published by Philco Publishing Co

Philco Aquatint Series

Philco Series

- Portobello

- The Scott Monument

- Central Edinburgh (several other post cards)

- The Forth Bridge

Posted 1913- 21

Philco Series - Tartan series

Photograph in an oval surrounded by tartan

- Princes Street

- Calton Hill 

Philco - Tartan Bevel Edged series

Photograph in a rectangle surrounded by tartan

- Calton Hill

Philco [no named series]

- Princes Street from Scott Monument

Posted 1913


PTA postcard  -  St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh  -  The Cloisters

I have only seen two postcards by this publisher.  I don't know where the publisher was based or the dates that these cards

-  St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh (The Cloister)  21254

-  St Margaret's Convent, Edinburgh (Entrance Hall)  21255

-  P W M Ltd  Vello Series  Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh

Postcard in P W & M Vello Series  -  Meadow Walk

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P W M Ltd

PWM produced some fine street scenes of Edinburgh in black and white and sepia, in the early 1900s. Most of those in my collection have been sent through the post in the early 1900s, including several sent to early postcard collectors.

The card used for these postcards has a rather fibrous texture.  The pictures look attractive, but the card seems prone to being damaged by ink from the postmarks on adjacent cards.  In some cases, I have removed this damage using Photoshop.

Black & White

-  Register House, Calton Hill and Post Office

-  Princes Street, looking east

-  Edinburgh Castle, National Galleries and Princes Street Gardens

-  London Road and Royal Terrace

Posted 1903 


-  St Bernard's Well

-  The Band, Princes Street Gardens

-  Meadow Walk

-  Botanic Gardens (Palm Houses)

-  Roseburn Terrace

-  Portobello Beach: 17th Lancers 'Lying Down Horses' exercise

Posted 1905-07; one (17th Lancers) is later


Dean Bridge

Calton Hill, Prison and Royal High School

-  Jaw Bone Walk, Meadows

-  Morningside, Buckstone Farm

Posted 1907-08 


-  Dean Bridge (from the same negative as the coloured postcard above)

Posted 1904?

Coloured Sketches
The name on these cards is given as P&WM Ltd.  On all other cards it is PWM Ltd.

-  Castle Esplanade

-  Castle from Grassmarket

-  Princes Street Gardens - Spring

Posted 1904-05

P W M Vello Series  -  Published by Hartmann
What was the connection between Hartmann and P W M?

-  Princes Street Gardens

-  17th Lancers, Exercising  (Portobello Sands)

-  17th Lancers, Exercising  (Portobello Sands + Pier)

-  17th Lancers, Exercising  (Portobello Sands + Pier + Promenade)

Posted 1910

-  Paterson, W  3 Sciennes Gardens, Edinburgh

A photograph from the collection of Malcolm Cant

- Hope Park United Free Church    Not posted

-  Paton, James  Juniper Green

- Juniper Green

Posted 1909

Patrick, James

Postcard  -  James Patrick  -  Castle Series  -  "A Merry Christmas"

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James Patrick

James Patrick was a keen photographer who produced many attractive scenes of Edinburgh and Swanston in the Pentland Hills to the south of Edinburgh in his Castle Series of postcards. 

Please click here to see thumbnail images of James Patrick's postcards.

Posted 1900-17 (most 1901-05)

Patrick, John

Postcard  -  John Patrick  -   Castle Series  -  Albert Memorial, Charlotte Square

Thumbnail Images

John Patrick

Please click here to see thumbnail images of John Patrick's postcards.

[no named series]

- Chapel Royal, Holyrood

- Holyrood and Arthur's Seat

- Queen Mary's Bedroom, Holyrood Palace

Posted 1904-05

Castle Series

- Albert Memorial, Charlotte Square

- Dalmeny House

- Holyrood Palace and Arthur's Seat

Posted 1904-11

Phelps, C

I have only seen one postcard from this company.  I don't know where the company was based.  The card shows a busy West Princes Street Gardens around the bandstand.  The  title of the card is:

- West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh    posted 1919

Pelham Postcards  London - ' Printed at our works in Germany'

Pelham cards were published by Boots Cash Chemists

Please see Boots Cash Chemists for examples of Pelham postcards and a brief explanation of the numbering system used for these cards.

Philco Publishing Co  Holborn Place, London WC  - 

See PPC Philco Publishing Company (above)

Phillimore  North Berwick

Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  White Horse Close

Reginald Phillimore was born in Nottingham and moved to North Berwick in early 1900s    [TR]

Phillimore's postcards had a distinctive style, often with hand tinted sketches

- Edinburgh Castle

- Reid's Close

- Flodden Wall

- Old White Horse Inn

- Queen Mary's Bath House

- John Knox's House

A Philimore postcard was included in a poster for a Lothian Postcard Club exhibition held at Edinburgh Central Library in 2001.

-  Photochrom Co. Ltd.  London, Tunbridge Wells

Photochrom Postcard  -  Abbey Strand

Thumbnail Images

Photochrom Ltd

The company produced Christmas Cards from 1896, then post cards from 1903. [TR] I have many Photochrom cards, black and white, sepia, coloured and line drawings, posted at various dates from 1906 to 1957.   Please click here to see thumbnail images of Photochrom Co postcards.

I don't know who now owns the copyright to Photochrom postcards.  I hear from Tunbridge Wells Library that the company ceased to appear in the trade directories after 1957.

Celesque Series

-  Edinburgh Castle, Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders

-  Calton Hill


Posted 1919

Exclusive Grano Series

-  Musselburgh, Fisherrow Harbour

-  St Giles Cathedral

Black & White

Posted 1922

Pencilette Series

-  White Horse Close

-  Edinburgh Castle, Scottish National War Memorial

-  Princes Street, looking west

Line drawings

Posted 1937

Sepiatone Series

-  Edinburgh Royal Chapel, Holyrood

-  Edinburgh Castle

Posted 1916

Exclusive Sepiatone Series

-  Edinburgh Royal Chapel, Holyrood

-  Holyrood Abbey

-  Edinburgh Castle

Posted 1916

[Not named series - No address]

- Edinburgh from the Castle

[Not named series - Address = London]

- Abbey Strand

[Not named series - Address = Royal Tunbridge Wells]

-  West End of Princes Street

-  Princes Street, looking west

-  Holyrood Palace

Posted 1937

[Not named series - Address =  Graphic Studios, Tunbridge Wells, Kent]

-  Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh, Band of First Btn Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

-  Princes Street, looking west

-  Edinburgh West End from the Castle

Posted 1950 - 57

[Not named series - Address =  London and Tunbridge Wells]

Edinburgh Castle and Ross Fountain

-  Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street

-  Edinburgh from the Castle

-  Princes Street, looking west

-  Holyrood Palace

-  Calton Hill

Posted 1948

-  Photoprecision Ltd.  St Ives, Huntingdon

Modern postcards

- Greyfriars' Bobby

- Several small views of Edinburgh on a single card

- West Bow

-  Picton Unichrome  Bath

Majestic Scotland series

On sale 2001

-  Picture Post Card Bureau  106, Princes St.  Edinburgh

The Picture Post Card Bureau  sold cards produced by Valentine and others.    [TR]

- Holyrood

- St Giles Statue

Posted 1903

-  Pitkin Pictorial Postcards

- Palace of Holyrood  PH1/80/5

-  Pictorial Centre  9, North Bridge Arcade  Edinburgh

They sold cards from the early 1900s until the late 1940s    [TR]

- Holyrood Palace

- Scots Greys Statue in Princes Street

- Queen Victoria Statue, Foot of Leith Walk:
   unveiled Oct 12, 1907:
Posted Dec 17,1907

-  Plastichrome Ltd  Boston, Mass. USA

Modern postcards (as the name suggests)

- Princes Street

-  E Plathen & Co  1 Broughton Place  THEN 19 East Trinity Road, Edinburgh

David Leece, Newcastle-under-Lyme wrote:

"This company produced court size Chromo litho card with vignette views.  The company was listed in the Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directory, 1898, and was still in business in the early 20th century.  Typically, for Chromo litho cards, the one I have was printed in Germany"

David Leece is trying to discover more about this company. If you know anything about it, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to David.    Thank you. 
Peter Stubbs:  April 19, 2015

This is the E Plathen& Co card that David Leece has in his collection:

-  Edinburgh multi-view  (Grassmarket/Castle, John Knox House, Market Cross, Holyrood)

Pocket Novelty Cards

   Pocket Novelty card containing 10 small views of Edinburgh  -  Picture on the front is of Scotland - Card opened

Several postcards were produced in the Pocket Novelty Cards series for Edinburgh (and presumably many other places around Britain).  These had a flap on the front, with a pull-out strip of 12 small views of Edinburgh behind the flap.

No publisher's name is given. Text on the back of the card says:

Pocket Novelty Card

If any Message is Written, Letter postage is required.

Five words of a complimentary character, 1/2d postage.

British Manufacture Throughout

From -                   To -

I have seen several cards in this series.  Those below are included on this site::

-   Scotland

-   Thistle

-   Motor cycle

All the cards above have handwritten messages, they have not been posted.  One is dated 1920, but the reference to the 1/2d postage rate implies that the card would have been published in 1918 or earlier.

Post Card Bureau

[no named series]

- The Burns Monument

Posted 1905

Hill's Aquatint Series

 - [9 small views]

Posted 1907

WR&S Intaglio Series

Several sepia cards. See the WR&S listing

Posted 1903-06

WR&S Reliable Series

- Central Edinburgh

Posted 1903-08

W Prosser  Supply Stores, Cathcart, NB

Postcard published by W Prosser, Cathcart  -  Band of HM 17th Lancers at Piershill Barracks  -  Postcard posted 1904

I have just seen one postcard in this series:

- Band of 17th Piershill Lancers (at Piershill Barracks, Edinburgh)

-  Prophet, D&W

- Morningside School [and other post cards of Edinburgh schools]



 Postcard Views

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 Postcard by Reginald P Phillimore  -  White Horse Close

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