Royal Field Artillery -  Piershill

Postcard sold by H Adamson,  Piershill, Edinbrgh  -  RFA Piershill

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    Postcard sold by H Adamson,  Piershill, Edinbrgh  -  RFA Piershill

Piershill - about 100 years later

   Piershill Square West  -  Formerly the site of part of Piershill Barracks  -  Photograph 2004


Piershill Barracks

Early 1900s

The View

Piershill Barracks were situated to the east of Jock's Lodge, on the northern side of Portobello Road, the main road from Edinburgh to Portobello.

I believe that the postcard above may show the 51st Battery of the Royal Field Artillery.  I don't know for how long they were based at  Piershill, but they were there in 1909

The Postcard

This postcard was sold by H Adamson, Stationer, Piershill, Edinburgh. It is the only card that I have seen bearing H Adamson's name.

This card has not been posted.

Portobello Beach

Here is a view of horses from the Piershill Barracks being exercised on the nearby Portobello Beach:

17th Lancers

   Postcard in P W & M Vello Series  -  Portobello Beach  -  17th Lancers 'Laying Horses' exercise

More Postcards

Here are some more views of Piershill Barracks.