Slateford, Edinburgh

Lorimer & Clark Brewery

later to become

Caledonian Brewery

Lorimer & Clark Brewery

Aerial Photos Ltd  -  Lorimer & Clark Brewery, Slateford Road, Edinburgh

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Janet Ireland                                           Postcard published by Aerial Photos Ltd., Edinburgh


Lorimer & Clark Ltd Brewery

Aerial View

Lorimer & Clark Brewery Ltd, at Slateford, Edinburgh, filled the triangle of ground between:

-  Caledonian Railway Line running from lower-left corner to top-centre of this photo

-  Slateford Road running from lower-left corner to right-centre of this photo

-  Dalry Cemetery the area that appears to be empty, top-tight corner of this photo.


The Postcard

What is known of the company that published this photo - Aerial Photos Ltd, Edinburgh.  When were they in business?  When is this photo likely to have been taken?  If you know what happened to this company, or of anybody who was associated with this company, please email me.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  January 14, 2010



John Hadden


Thank you to John Hadden for his speedy response to my question above.

John wrote giving me what I considered to be a very early date for the winding up of an aerial photography company.  It would be interesting to see more photos taken by this company.

John wrote:

Aerial Photos Ltd

Wound up - 1924

"According to the Edinburgh Gazette, a company by the name of Aerial Photos Ltd was wound up in 1924.

The liquidator was Thomas Darling Govan, Chartered Accountant, 3 Albyn Place, Edinburgh

John Hadden, Edinburgh:  January 15, 2010




John Hadden


Thank you to John Hadden for sending me more information about Aerial Photos Ltd. 

John wrote:

Aerial Photos Ltd

Published by Valentine

"There is a postcard in the Valentine Collection at St Andrews University Library that includes the text:

'Valentine Aerial Photos.  Sole publisher for Aerial Photos Ltd.'


"According to the Golden Years of Aviation web site, Aerial Photos Ltd, Edinburgh had several different aircraft, all Avro 504K biplanes

The Company

"The Flight Magazine Archive dated July 31, 1919 lists Aerial Photos Ltd of 81A George Street, Edinburgh, as a new company registered.

-  Capital 18,000 in 1 shares

-  Objects:  to carry on the business of:

a)  aerial photography, including cinematograph films

b)  aerial passenger transit

c)  commercial aerial advertising, etc.

-  First directors:  Capt. RSJB Andrews, CHC Smith, O Hardie

John Hadden, Edinburgh:  January 15, 2010