Robert Kirkwood Map -  1819

Edinburgh New Town




Abercrombie Place

Albany Street

Antigua Street

Baxter's Place

Braid Row

Broughton Place

Broughton Street (South)

Broughton Street (North)

Calton Street

Canal Street

Castle Street

Catherine Street

Charlotte Square

Charlotte Street

Clyde Street

Cumberland Street

Dublin Street

Duke Street

Duncan Street

Dundas Street

Earthen Mound

East Register Street

East Rose Street

East St James Street

Elder Street

Forth Street

Frederick Street

Gabriel's Road

Gayfield Place

Gayfield Square

George Street (Central)

George Street (East)

George Street (West)

Granville Place

Great London Road

Greenside Place

Greenside Street

Hanover Street

Hart Street

Haugh Street

High Calton

Hill Street

Hope Street

Howe Street

[Great] King Street

Leith Street

London Street

Lothian Road

Low Calton

Mansfield Place

Nelson Street

New London Road

North Bridge

North St James Street

Northumberland Street

Nottingham Place

Picardy Place

Pitt Street

Princes Street (Central)

Princes Street (E End)

Princes Street (East)

Princes Street (West)

Queen Street (East)

Queen Street (West)

Queensferry Street

Regent Bridge

Register Street

Rose Street

St Andrew Square

St Andrew Street

St Bernard's Row

St David Street

St James Square

St Vincent Street

Shakespeare Square

Spring Gardens

South St James Street

Thistle Street (West)

Thistle Street (East)

Union Place

Union Street

Veitch's Court

West Register Street

West Rose Street

York Lane

York Place

Young Street

1st New Town West Section

1st New Town Central Section

1st New Town East Section

2nd New Town




Low Calton

North Loch (East)

North Loch (West)

Queen Street Gardens

St Andrew Square

St James Square


Water of Leith


West End



Broughton Village

Catholic Chapel

Custom House

Debtor's Jail

EPS, 68 Great King Street

Excise Office

Nelson Monument


Orphan [Trinity] Hospital

Pantheon Theatre

Physician's Hall

Post Office

Register Office

St Andrew Church

St Cuthbert's Church

St George's Church

St John's Church

St Paul's Chapel

Stamp Office

Theatre Royal



 1819  -  Streets and Districts

Edinburgh New Town  -  Kirkwood Map, 1819  -  Streets and Districts added

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Kirkwood Map  -  1819

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