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Detail from map of Edinburgh New Town  -  Kirkwood, 1819  -  Stockbridge

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   Detail from an aerial photograph of Edinburgh  -  XYZ Digital Map Co, 2001  -  Stockbridge

Map + Aerial View

Stockbridge lies about a mile to the north of the West End of Princes Street

Stockbridge is seen in a very rural setting in this map, with just a few houses scattered around the bridge.  The bridge takes the road over the Water of Leith, the river that runs from the Pentland Hills to Leith.

The whole area is now built up, but the road layout has hardly changed since this map was drawn:

-  The road from the bottom-right corner leads to Frederick Street in the centre of Edinburgh

-  The road from the right-hand side leads to Canonmills, also on the Water of Leith.

-  St Bernard's Row leads out of the top of the map towards Inverleith Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens


Kirkwood Map  -  1819

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