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Visit to St Andrews

Sir David Brewster

Sir David Brewster  -  from Edinburgh Calotype Club Album

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Visit to Sit David Brewster

Around 1843, several gentlemen from the legal profession in Edinburgh visited Sir David Brewster in St Andrews to learn about the calotype process.

They returned to Edinburgh and formed the Edinburgh Calotype Club.  Little is known about the activities of the club, except that:

  • they were a group of enthusiasts who met informally in each otherís houses to discuss their photography, and

  • they produced two albums of their work between around the late 1840s.  The Edinburgh Room of t holds one of the two albums.  The other was believed to have been lost for ever, but was found and auctioned in December 2001.  I have not yet discovered who the purchaser was.

  • The Calotype Album held by the Central Library, Edinburgh, was compiled by James Francis Montgomery, later Dean of St Maryís Cathedral, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, a member of the Edinburgh Calotype Club.

Calotype Club in London

An informal Calotype Club was also established in London in the 1840s; but no formal photographic societies were established anywhere in Britain until the 1850s.



Edinburgh Calotype Club

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