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Dean Montgommery

Dean Montgomery

Dean Montgomery  -  from  Edinburgh Calotype Club Album

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Dean Montgomery

Detail from a photograph in the Calotype Album: 

Photographer : not known


Comments from a descendant of 

Dean Montgommery

Dean Montgomery was the last surviving member of the Edinburgh Calotype Club.

CS Minto, City Librarian and Curator, 1962, records the words of Miss MA Montgomery, niece of Dean Montgomery, describing two albums of photographs from the Edinburgh Calotype Club.

"These photographs were taken by our uncle James Francis Montgomery and by some of his friends in the early days of photography before he was ordained a clergyman and while he was studying for the Bar in Edinburgh and while living with his parents at 17 Athol Crescent."

CS Minto added:

"All efforts to discover the whereabouts of the second of the Calotype Club's albums have so far proved fruitless.  Nor has it been possible to show that it has not survived."

Update - 2001

Another Calotype Club album has now been found and acquired by the National LIbrary of Scotland, so its future should be assured.



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