Members of Edinburgh Calotype Club

Several members of the Calotype Club have been identified from their initials appearing beside the prints in the Calotype Club Albums, and from recollections of the descendants of Dean Montgomery, the longest surviving member of the club.

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Sheriff John Cay

Sheriff George Moir PSS

Sir James Francis Dunlop

Cosmo Innes PSS

JF Montgomery

Mungo Pontin

John Stewart PSS

Sheriff Hugh Tennant

PSS  denotes that these become members of the Photographic Society of Scotland.


Biographies of Edinburgh Calotype Club Members

Please see National Library of Scotland' web site Pencil of Light for some useful brief biographies of Edinburgh Calotype Club members and their associates, some with small photographs of the subjects:

John Adamson (1810-1870)

St. Andrews

GP and chemist, brother of Robert Adamson who entered into partnership with DO Hill, 1843-47.

Sir David Brewster (1781-1868)

Jedburgh, St Andrews, Edinburgh

John Cay (1790-1865)

Sheriff of Linlithgow

Sir James Dunlop (1830-1858)


He made a Grand Tour of Europe in the 1840s while in his teens.  He became a Coldstream Guards Officer served in the Crimean War, and died in the South of France, aged 28.

Professor Cosmo Innes (1798-1874)

Sheriff of Elgin

Also a Law Professor at Edinburgh University and a noted antiquary.

James Calder Macphail (b.1820)

Morayshire, Aberdeen, Edinburgh.

An authority on Gaelic literature and one of the founders of the Free Church of Scotland

George Moir (1800-1870)

Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Ross-shire, Stirling

James Francis Montgomery (1818-1897)

Edinburgh, Durham, Dorset, Edinburgh

Compiler of the Edinburgh Calotype Album, held by Edinburgh City Libraries.  He entered the Episcopalian Church and became Dean of St Mary's Cathedral.

Mark Napier (1798-1879)

Sheriff of Dumfries

Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair (1786-1861)

Perthshire, Provost of St Andrews.

He was also an Army Officer and an accomplished musician.

John Stewart (d. 1867)

Lancashire, Edinburgh.

William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-1877)

Dorsetshire, Wiltshire, Harrow, Cambridge

Hugh Lyon Tennent (1817-1874)

Edinburgh, Lanarkshire, Edinburgh

An advocate, and a member of the Tennent brewing family.  He drew up the index for the Tennent family's  Calotype Album acquired by the National Library of Scotland in 2002.

Robert Tennent (1813-1890)


Some of the biographical details added to the names and addresses above have been supplied by the National Library of Scotland, following their acquisition of the Edinburgh Calotype Album, Volume 1



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