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'Pencils of Light'

There are now two volumes of the Edinburgh Calotype Club's Albums in Edinburgh's libraries, one held by Edinburgh Central Library and the other acquired more recently by the National Library of Scotland.

The National Library of Scotland set up a web site in 2002 to record the contents of both of these volumes.  The name of their web site is 'Pencils of Light'  Please click on the link below:

web site:  Pencils of Light

This site includes a lot of background information, including:

a)  A summary of the Edinburgh Calotype Club

b)  Biographical details of Calotype Club members

c)  Comments on the calotype process

d)  Comments on conservation of the albums

e)  Links to other sites.

f)   Images of each of the photographs in the two albums now held in Edinburgh, with facility to search for images by:

-  subject

-  location


Two Volumes of the Calotype Album

Vol 1 has 206 prints. 

This volume was formerly owned by the Tennent family.  It was purchased by the National Library of Scotland in 2001.

Volume 2 has 126 prints.

This volume was acquired from the Montgommery family by Edinburgh City Library in 1952.

These images on this site from both volumes are as the photos now appear in the albums.   i.e. not retouched or restored in any way. 

What more do you know?

The National Library of Scotland is keen to receive comments and further information from anybody who knows more about the Edinburgh Calotype Club and its members.



Edinburgh Calotype Club

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