Edinburgh Calotype Club Album

 Volume 1  -  Tennent's Album


Auction in December 2001

The Edinburgh Calotype Club Album, Volume 1, was sold by auction in December 2001. 

The auction catalogue illustrates several of the portraits from the album.  I will reproduce some on this web site if I can get copyright permission to do so.

Portraits in the album include Calotype Club members and their families.  The auction catalogue and press release in December 2001 drew particular attention to:

-  a large format portrait by Dr John Adamson of  Robert Tennent, nephew of Hugh Tennent who was central in the development of the Tennent's Brewing company.

-  four self-portraits by Major (later Sir Hugh) Playfair 1786-1861, one playing a cello.

-  portrait by Playfair of his wife and daughter, Julia,  and of  Sir David Brewster.  Playfair became Provost of St Andrews in 1842 and helped to develop the Royal & Ancient Golf Club.

-  a full length portrait of George Montgomery and James Coventry.

[Source:  Dominic Winter Auction Catalogue, 12 Dec 2001+ Sunday Times, 18 Nov 2001]

Pencils of Light

To see all the photos in the two Edinburgh Calotype Club Albums, please see the National Library of Scotland's web site Pencils of Light.  This site was launched in November 2002.  It displays the photographs as they appear in the original albums, and also has a search facility for finding photographs by subject, location , photographer and keyword.



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