John Ross


John Ross

Professional Photographer

John Ross was a professional photographer in Edinburgh.  His wife was a miniature painter.

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Studio addresses in Edinburgh

Cartes de Visite


John Ross


5th PSS Exhibition, Feb 1861

John Ross exhibited two portraits in the 5th PSS Exhibition in 1861.

1890 EPS Exhibition

John Ross exhibited platinotype photographs of interiors in the 1890 EPS Exhibition.


John Ross

1881 Census

John Ross was listed in the 1881 census as:

Photographer:  aged 56

Born:  Edinburgh

Resident:  3, Great King Street, Edinburgh

Wife:  Elizabeth R


1.  Charles

aged 22

(born:  Edinburgh)

2.  Helen

aged 19

(born:  Edinburgh)

2.  David

aged 17

(born:  Edinburgh)

[DR Torrance]


John Ross

1891 Census

John Ross is recorded in this census as being retired.

Katie Elliott Armitage, France


John Ross' business continued to be listed in the trade directories until the year 1900.  Who continued his business beyond John Ross's retirement?


John Ross

North Berwick Studio

Thank you to JF who wrote to tell me about his research into the photography business of the Balmain photographers.

John wrote:


"I have established that the premises occupied by the Balmain photographic studio at North Berwick had been previously occupied by:

Peter Terras

Ernest Lippiatt

J Ross

and owned by Eleanor Ross.


Balmain's studio was established in 1914, after he purchased the property from E Ross.  An advert that I recently found in the 'North Berwick Advertiser' dated 11 May 1897 confirmed that Ross' trading addresses were:

-  41 George Street, Edinburgh and

-  High Station Road, North Berwick."

JF, East Lothian, Scotland:  February 22, 2013

John Ross

The Edinburgh & Leith Post Office Directories show that John Ross had studios at eight different Edinburgh studio addresses between 1858 and 1900, the last three of these being in George Street.

He occupied his studio at 41 George Street from around 1890 to 1898.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  February 22, 2013


John Ross


Other Photographers named Ross

1. Was John Ross related to any of the following Edinburgh professional photographers named Ross: 

-   James Ross?

-   Charles E Ross?

-   William Ross?

2.    Was he related to the amateur photographer and Photographic Society of Scotland member, Horatio Ross?

Other photographers named John Ross

3.   Was John Ross [above] the same man as John Ross, Engraver, at 51 North Hanover Street,1852-55?

4.  There was also a professional photographer named John Ross with a photographic studio at Chapel Street, Tain, Ross & Cromarty in the north of Scotland.  He appeared in the trade directories for one year only, 1867. 

I believe that this was a different John Ross.  The symbol on the back of his carte de visite was a hand holding a wreath; quite different from the scroll on the back of cartes de visite from John Ross, Edinburgh.

[Thank you to Ron Cosens for showing me a carte de visite from John Ross, Tain.]



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