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Horatio Ross



   Horatio Ross  -  Amateur photographer

Horatio Ross was a keen amateur photographer from 1847.

He became Vice President of the Photographic Society of Scotland in 1856.


Horatio Ross' photographs appeared in Exhibitions in Aberdeen, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London in the 1850s.


Horatio Ross lived at Rossie Castle* in 1801-1853, then moved to Netherley, Kincardineshire.  He died at Rossie Lodge, Inverness-shire

This page refers to Horatio Ross and several family members, including:

-  Hercules Ross father

-  Daniel Ross half-brother

-  Horatio Senftenberg John Ross son

-  Rear-Admiral George Parrish Ross grandson

-  John Alexander Ross grandson

-  Hercules Ross great-grandson

* Thank you to Charles Lochrane, a direct descendant of Horatio Ross, for letting me know that Rossie Castle was demolished long ago.

Acknowledgement:  Charles Lochrane:  June 13, 2012

John Alexander Ross

Here is an obituary for John Alexander Ross, grandson of Horatio Ross.

Who is This?

    , grandson of the early Scottish photographer, Horatio Ross

It has been suggested that this might be a photograph of:

-  Hercules Ross OR

-  Horatio St George Ross OR

-  Hercules Grey Ross?

Early Life

Horatio Ross was born, 1801.  He was named after his godfather Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.

He retired as Captn in 14th Light Dragoons, 1826

He married Justina Henriette Macrae, 1834


Horatio Ross won the first steeplechase on record.

He captained several winning teams at the Annual Rifle Contest at Wimbledon, and represented Scotland at shooting.

He shot his last stag in 1884.

An exhibition of early photography at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, in August 2008 included photography by Horatio Ross.  Horatio was described as:

"a wealthy landowner, known for his sporting and physical prowess.  (He once walked from the River Dee to Inverness without stopping, a distance of 97 miles.)"


Horatio Ross was elected Member of Parliament for Aberdeen, Montrose and Arbroath, 1832-34


The journal, 'Studies in Photogrpahy', 2006, includes a 9-page illustrated article on the photography of Horatio Ross by Paschal Downs OSB


Ross Family Photographs

Photograph from the family of Hoatio Ross  -  House  -  Which house is it? Houses and Gardens
, grandson of the early Scottish photographer, Horatio Ross

Portraits and Groups

Photograph from the family of Horatio Ross  -  Hunting and Shooting in the Scottish Highlands  -  Man, Boy and Dog

Hunting, Shooting, Fishing


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