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The 'Ross & Bishop' partnership appears to have been created between James Ross and Robert Bishop in 1844, but probably lasted for only around a year or less.

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Edinburgh Trade Directories

There were two Robert Bishops listed in the Edinburgh & Leith Trade Directories in the 1840s.

One was a "Tea and Spirit Merchant" living at 92 Pleasance.

The other was an "Engraver on Wood".

It was the "Engraver in Wood" who became the partner of James Ross. This Robert Bishop lived at:

-  23 Lauriston Place (the same address as James Ross), 1844.

-  6 Rose Street, 1846-48

-  1 Gabriel's Road, 1849-52.


Robert Bishop


In discussions at the Photographic Society of Scotland in the 1850s, James Ross  made some interesting observations about Robert Bishop.

Photographic Notes reported in 1856:

"Mr Ross (of Messrs Ross & Thomson) stated that there was no novelty in the application of Albumen to the Collodion plate, as claimed by Mr Taupenot.

Mr Bishop, an Edinburgh gentleman, employed exactly the same process a few months after the introduction of Collodion, and his pictures were remarkable for  their definition and intensity."

Photographic Notes, vol. 1:  December 1,1856,  p.252

A report of a Photographic Society of Scotland Meeting
 at which the 'Taupenot and Honey' process was discussed.

Photographic Notes quoted James Ross in 1857:

"My attention was first drawn to this subject from the circumstance of the very first calotype I ever had in my hand vanishing from my sight while admiring it.  It had been merely washed, probably in common salt. 

This took place some fourteen or fifteen years ago, when in conjunction with Mr. Bishop, a very able chemist, I made my first experiments in the art. 

We soon, or rather I should say my fellow worker soon, mastered the negatives completely…."

Photographic Notes,  vol. 2, 1 October 1857, pp. 361-364.



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