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Photograph by Alexander Ayton jun.

Cricket Team

This photograph by Alexander Ayton is slightly larger than a cabinet print.

It is approx 6 ins. x 4 ins. mounted on card 8 ins. x 5 1/2 ins.


Which Cricket Team?

Answer:  Australia and Scotland

Photograph of a Cricket Team by Alex Ayton  -  Which team, and when was the photograph taken?

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Does anybody recognise the cricket team, or know when the photo may have been taken?

It is interesting to see that both umpires, but only four of the players have been identified!

Answer 1

Thank you to Michael Bourne who replied:

"This is an Australian pre-WW1 touring team."

Michael Bourne:  September 28, 2007

Answer 2

Thank you to Michael Bourne who e-mailed me again, one day later.

Michael wrote:

"I have since had time to do a bit more research.

Australia and Scotland

"The photograph is that of two teams - Australia and Scotland. It was probably taken before the start of a three-day match (but which only lasted two days) played at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh on the 8th and 9th July, 1912.

The ground, 'Grange Cricket Club', Raeburn Place, is still in use today.

It was usual in those days, as shown in other photos of the period, for members of both sides to mix together when having a commemorative photograph taken. (That wouldn't happen these days).

Notice that there are 22 players. The Australians, I am fairly sure, are those with a small white motif on their caps. The dark blazers, although some are slightly different, are probably the blazers of their individual state cricket teams.

If the game was played at Raeburn Place.  I wonder if that old ivy-covered wall is still there?

The Men in Trilby Hats

"As for the two men in trilby hats, they are:

-  Arthur Gregory, team manager, perhaps a bit too old to play by then.

-  Emery, probably T H Emery, a player in the squad not playing on the day. These two, of, course, are not mentioned on the scorecard.

The Men in Trilby Hats

"The chap with pads on, sitting down in the front, would be the wicketkeeper for Scotland, J F Gibson, in readiness to field, with Australia batting first. Unfortunately, the Scotland wicketkeeper is not indicated on the scorecard." 

The Scorecard

"Here is the complete scorecard for the game."

Michael Bourne:  September 29, 2007

Scotland v Australia
Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
8,9,10 July 1912 (3-day match)

Result: Australia won by 296 runs

Umpires: T Attewell and J Keene

Close of play:

Australia 1st innings
CB Jennings           c Gibson      b Sievwright         0
ER Mayne                                 b Benskin          11
CG Macartney        c Ringrose    b Sievwright         0
W Bardsley            c Bowie        b Sievwright      149
C Kelleway                                b Ringrose          64
RB Minnett                                b Sievwright        21
DBM Smith             run out                                   0
GR Hazlitt            lbw                b Sievwright          0
WJ Whitty                                 b Sievwright        26
JW McLaren                              b Sievwright          0
+HW Webster           not out                                  0
Extras                (b 18, lb 6)                                 24
Total                 (all out, 86.2 overs)                     295

FoW: 1-0, 2-0, 3-24, 4-196, 5-231, 6-237, 7-238, 8-292, 9-294, 10-295.

Bowling                    O      M      R      W
Benskin                   24      2     85      1
Sievwright                20.2    3     71      7
Bowie                        6      0     25      0
Ringrose                   26     8      57      1
Greive                      10      0     33      0

Scotland 1st innings
RGW Tait                                   b Whitty        4
TA Bowie                             c & b Hazlitt        11
MR Dickson                               b Minnett       98
WE Benskin         c Kelleway      b Minnett      15
AMP Lyle                                   b Whitty         5
JC Murray             c Whitty         b Minnett        0
W Greive                                    b Minnett      18
J Mushet                                    b Minnett        2
JF Gibson                                  b Minnett         7
RW Sievwright         not out                               1
W Ringrose                               b McLaren        0
Extras                (b 5, lb 5, nb 1)                       11
Total                 (all out, 55 overs)                    172

FoW: 1-4, 2-34, 3-100, 4-119, 5-120, 6-151, 7-158, 8-170, 9-171, 10-172.

Bowling                   O      M      R      W
Whitty                     16      5     45      2
Hazlitt                     10      4     33      1
McLaren                  10      2     37      1
Kelleway                   6      3     11      0
Minnett                    13      3     35      6

Australia 2nd innings
CB Jennings                              b Sievwright    32
ER Mayne              c Dickson     b Ringrose     44
CG Macartney                            b Benskin      21
RB Minnett            not out                               65
W Bardsley            c Bowie        b Ringrose     45
C Kelleway            not out                                9
Extras                (b 6, lb 3)                               9
Total              (4 wickets declared, 55 overs)   225

DNB: DBM Smith, GR Hazlitt, WJ Whitty, JW McLaren, +HW Webster.

FoW: 1-48, 2-91, 3-103, 4-205.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Benskin                     15      1     89      1
Sievwright                  22      3     56      1
Ringrose                    16      3     52      2
Greive                         2      0     19      0

Scotland 2nd innings (target: 349 runs)
RGW Tait              lbw              b Whitty              18
TA Bowie                                 b Whitty               1
MR Dickson                             b Minnett              1
WE Benskin       st Webster      b Whitty               0
AMP Lyle                                 b Whitty             10
JC Murray                                b Whitty                0
W Greive              c Mayne       b Hazlitt                6
J Mushet                                 b Hazlitt                1
JF Gibson            c Jennings    b Hazlitt                0
RW Sievwright      c Mayne       b Whitty               4
W Ringrose            not out                                   5
Extras                (b 4, nb 2)                                  6
Total                 (all out, 21.2 overs)                     52

FoW: 1-7, 2-10, 3-16, 4-26, 5-26, 6-41, 7-43, 8-43, 9-45, 10-52.

Bowling                      O      M      R      W
Whitty                      10.2    3     22       6
Hazlitt                        4       2       7      3
Minnett                       7      4      17      1
This scorecard is reproduced with acknowledgement to Wisden CricInfo Ltd.


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