Alexander Ayton jun.

Waverley Market Bazaar


The 'Notes from the North' column in Amateur Photographer on 20 November 1891 [p.381] reported on a recent bazaar in Waverley Market:

Hippolyte J Blanc

"H J Blanc, President of Edinburgh Photographic Society, was the architect for a large bazaar which was held in the Waverley Market, Edinburgh last week, in aid of the Widows and Orphans' Fund of the Edinburgh City Police and of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Mr Blanc got great credit  -  and deservedly too  -  for his work.  The market was got up to represent a village and the artistic taste with which he grouped representatives of historic buildings together was really admirable."

Alexander Ayton

"At the bazaar, Mr Alexander Ayton of Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh was the photographer, as he was at the great masonic bazaar which was held in the same place last year.

Mr Ayton was not very well housed, being in a dingy place under the gallery, but he worked by electric light , and the results he obtained were first class.

Two lamps of 3,000 candle-power each were employed with a screen of 'papier minerale' to diffuse the light."



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