Alexander Ayton jun.

The Photographic Convention of the United Kingdom

Edinburgh  -  1892

In 1892, Alexander Ayton junior, was Vice President of Edinburgh Photographic Society.

He produced a memorable photo of more than 100 members of the Photographic Convention of Great Britain, on their visit to Edinburgh, posed against the rocks in Princes Street Gardens.  Click below to see the photo. 



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Alexander Ayton Sen
 and family

Alexander Ayton Sen + Alexander Ayton Jun + family      

Londonderry Studios

    Photograph taken around 1900 of Ayton Studio at Shipquay Place, Londonderry

Which Alexander Ayton?

Alexander Ayton Jun
and family

Alexander Ayton jun.  -  Edinburgh professional photographer     Alexander Ayton's wife and eight of his children

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Edinburgh, Leith, Portobello

Glass Plates


   Platinotype photo from the studio of Alex Ayton, Bruntsfield, Edinburgh


Photographic Convention - 1892

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