Alexander Ayton



Alexander Ayton Jun.

and his Family

The 1881 Census lists Alexander Ayton with eleven children.  The photograph below includes Alexander's wife, Catherine A Ayton and eight of her children.

Family Photograph

Alexander Ayton's wife and eight of his children

 The Ayton family.  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Elizabeth Trubuhovich
 (great-granddaughter of Alexander Ayton).  Also husband Ron, sister Alison and niece Christine.

1881 Census

The entry for Alexander Ayton in the 1881 census reads:

-  Photographic Artist

-  Aged 48

-  Born:  Denny, Stirlingshire

-  Resident:  Ferry Road, Edinburgh

-  Wife:  Catherine A

Children (all born in Ireland)

1.  Mary Jane F:  aged 21

2.  James Y:  aged 18

3.  Isabella:  aged 16 (twin)

4.  Annie:  aged 16 (twin)

5.  Agnes:  aged 14

6.  William:  aged 12

7.  Robert:  aged 10

8.  Marion:  aged 8

9.  Eva:  aged 7

10. George:  aged 6

11. Millie:  aged 5

[DR Torrance]


Alexander Ayton Jun.

EPS Member

Alexander Ayton Jun. was proposed by John M Turnbull, and elected a Member of EPS on 6 June 1883.


Alexander Ayton Jun.

Professional Photographer

The photograph of the Convention in 1892 was taken by Alexander Ayton Jun.  

However, I need ot do more research to discover which of the Alexander Aytons occupied which studio and when.


Death of Alexander Ayton Jun.

The December 1894 edition of Transactions of the Edinburgh Photographic Society announced the sudden and unexpected death of the EPS President, Alexander Ayton Jun., on 23 November 1894.

The Secretary wrote that he had seen him on the day of his death, and noted that:

"He was in very good spirits, and was looking forward to having a holiday in the Highlands.  He felt, he said, a bit run down through overwork and its attendant worry, and thought that some bracing Highland air would set him up again.

He was to have presided at the November meeting of the Elementary Section and at the December meeting of the Society.  At the former he had intended to demonstrate the Platinotype printing process and at the latter, the Incandescent Gas Light, an exhibition of which he had arranged."

A Further report of his death appeared in The Practical Photographer, January 1895.

Brother and Father

A report of the death of Alexander Ayton in Edinburgh in 1894 that appeared in the January edition of The Practical Photographer gives some further details.  It ends:

"The business will be carried on by his brother, Mr Robert Ayton.  Mr Alexander Ayton Senr. is still in the profession in Londonderry."



1. There was an exhibitor named Ayton in the PSS 4th Exhibition in 1859.  He exhibited a frame of 6 portraits and two frames of views.  Was this Alexander Ayton Sen or one of his relations?

2.  E Ayton was a Member of EPS in 1862.  Was he related to Alexander Ayton Sen?


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