Alexander Ayton jun.



The death of Alexander Ayton jun. was announced in the January 1895 edition of The Practical Photographer. 

The journal reported:


Alexander Ayton junior - Edinburgh professional photographer


The sudden death, by heart disease, of Mr Alexander Ayton, jun., the Edinburgh photographer has been a shock to all who were acquainted with him.

He died about 5 o'clock on November 23rd, while preparing for a holiday in the Highlands.


As  a photographer he was well known for his high-class work, especially with the electric light.  With football, cricket and tennis groups he was singularly successful.

Photograph of a Cricket Team by Alex Ayton  -  Which team, and when was the photograph taken?

From his studio many graceful and charming studies have emanated, especially in regard to family groups and children's portraiture.

As a man, he was generous and kindly, and much respected by all who knew him.  He occupied the presidency of Edinburgh Photographic Society, in which he took an active interest.



Mr Ayton had collected together what is probably the largest private library of photographic books in existence, numbering over 3,000 volumes.

Many rarities of the earlier inventors and authors are among them.

At the actual moment of death, the deceased was in the act of drawing a book from the bookcase.


Photographic Business

The business will be carried on by his brother, Mr Robert Ayton.

Mr Alexander Ayton Senr. is still in the profession in Londonderry.


The Practical Photographer, January 1895, p.21



A report of Alexander Ayton's death also appeared in The December 1894 edition of Transactions of the Edinburgh Photographic Society


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