Many of the views that were captured by photographers from the mid-18th century onwards had earlier been recorded by engravers and painters.  It is interesting to compare the photographs with the earlier views.  Here are some of the books with earlier views, listed in chronological order:

Picturesque Views of Edinburgh

Engravings of Edinburgh, drawn by Ewbank, engraved by Lizars  1825

The book has some interesting views.   It has 4 sections:

-  16 Distant Views of Edinburgh

-  10 Street Views (ancient)

-  10 Street Views (modern)

-  15 other views of Edinburgh.

Modern Athens

Displayed in a series of Views of Edinburgh in the Nineteenth Century exhibiting the whole of the New Buildings, Modern Improvements, Antiquities & Picturesque Scenery of the Scottish Metropolis and its Environs from the Original Drawings by Thos. H Shepherd with Historical, Topographical & Critical Illustrations.   [This book includes almost 100 engravings.]

Publ:  Jones & Co., London,   1829

In 1980, Lang Syne Publishers, Ltd., Newtongrange, Scotland, published a book entitled Modern Athens, containing the reproductions and text from the original volume (above).  The pages are un-numbered and not in the same order as in the original volume.  The engravings are disappointing, lacking a lot of detail, particularly in the darker areas.  Nevertheless, the reproduction has been useful, as it is more affordable and more readily available than the original.

The Modern Athens images that I have included on this site are from copies of the original engravings;  not from the reproductions in the Lang Syne book.

Modern Athens prints are, now, usually only seen around Edinburgh as individually mounted  engravings taken from broken copies of the original book.  Many of these prints have been recently hand coloured.

-  Scotland Illustrated

Illustrated in a Series of Views taken expressly for this work by Messrs T Allom, WH Bartlett & H McCulloch
Author:  Beattie  -  2 volumes       Publ.  George Virtue, 26 Ivy Lane, London   1838

This book has several views of Edinburgh including:
-  views by T Allom:  engraved by E Radclyffe and TA Prior
-  views by WH Bartlett engraved by H Griffiths
-  views engraved by C Causen,  S Fisher,  R Sands and others

Memorials of Edinburgh in the Olden Time

Author: Daniel Wilson      Publ:  Hugh Paton, Edinburgh,   1848

This book has some attractive engravings by W Forrest and T Steuart

Scotland Delineated 

A series of views of the Principal Cities and Towns, particularly of Edinburgh and its environs.  Cathedrals, abbeys, castles, and mansions ...

Author: T Picken    Publ:  Day & Son, Lithographer to the Queen    c.1854

This book includes over 70 lithographs from drawings by Sir Wm Allen, Clarkson Stanfield, David Roberts Geo Cattermole, WL Leitch, DO Hill, Horatio McCulloch, Thos Cheswick, JMW Turner, Joseph Nash, JH Harding + others.

Scotland: Picturesque;  Historical;  Descriptive 

Author: John Parker Lawson MA    Publ:  John G Murdoch, London    c.1870s

This book includes the same lithographs as appear in Scotland Delineated.  I prefer the quality of the reproductions in Scotland Delineated.

Cassell's Old & New Edinburgh -  Its history, its people and its places.

Author: James Grant

Published in instalments over 3 years, but now usually found bound into 3, or occasionally 6, volumes, some of the 6-volume sets having additional large engravings bound into each volume.

Cassell & Co, London, Paris, New York,   1890

This book is illustrated with many engravings - in many cases, the artist, but not the engraver, is named.

Memories of Edinburgh in the Olden Times

Author: Sir Daniel Wilson  LLD, FRSE

Published in instalments over 3 years, but now usually found bound into 3, or occasionally 6, volumes

Publ:  Adam Charles Black, Edinburgh & London   1891

This book includes drawings by Daniel Wilson engraved by William Forrest

Guide to British Topographical Prints    Ronald Russell   1979

Publ.  David & Charles, Newton Abbott, London, North Pomfret     ISBN 0-7153-7810-4

This book lists many of the publications containing early engravings, including the following books with engravings of Edinburgh:

  1. Modern Athens - includes lithographs by JD Harding and Samuel Swarbreck

  2. Twenty Views of the City and Environs of Edinburgh  -  Baynes, 1823

  3. Scotland Illustrated in a Series of Views (2 vol. 119 steel engravings) W Beattie 1838

  4. Caledonia Illustrated (extended version of above. 167 steel engravings)  W Beattie

  5. The Beauties of Scotland (5 vols. >100 copper engravings)  R Forsyth,  1805-08

  6. Scotland Delineated (71 tinted lithographs)  John Parker Lawson,  1847-54

  7. The History of Edinburgh (20 copper plates engr. by Fourdrinier)  Wm Maitland,  1753

  8. Scotia Depicta (orig. in parts, 1804.  48 etched plates by Fittler + Nattes)  1819

  9. Provincial Antiquities & Picturesque Scenery of Scotland  Sir W Scott,  1826

10. Modern Athens (101 engravings after TH Shepherd)  1829

11. Theatrum Scotiae (57 etched + engraved plates)  W Beattie,  1693

-   Printmaking  - Relief, Intaglio, Planographic and Stencil processes explained.

     Susan Lambert, Victoria & Albert Museum.

     Printed for HMSO  ISBN 0 11 290381 9   1983

This book gives a useful overview of engraving, etching, stencils and other printing methods.

-   Prints and Printmaking

A Dictionary and Handbook of the Art in Nineteenth-Century Britain 
Author:  Raymond Lister       Publ.  Methuen, London  ISBN 0 14 40130 8   1984

This book gives brief notes on many of the engravers of the nineteenth century, including several from Edinburgh.




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