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Photographic Society Documents

Box of 19th Century
EPS Correspondence and Papers

Box of old EPS documents

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Fortunately, a surprising amount of original material relating to the activities of the Photographic Society of Scotland and Edinburgh Photographic Society in the 19th century has survived, including:

-  over a thousand  letters from PSS in the 1850s-60s.  

-  several hundred letters from early EPS exhibitions

-  handwritten minutes

-  correspondence

-  receipts

-  membership cards

-  photos

-  medals

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Manuscript Material       Published Material       EPS literature



Manuscript Material

Correspondence, minute books, etc

Photographic Society of Scotland

Correspondence, Minute Books and other records of the Photographic Society of Scotland from 1856 onwards have been deposited by EPS with Scottish Records Office, National Archives of Scotland.

Copies of the catalogues for the  can be found at the National Library of Scotland. 

Edinburgh Photographic Society

Edinburgh Photographic Society once had a large collection of photos, valued at over £100,000.  These are now deposited with the National Galleries of Scotland, Scottish Portrait Gallery in 1987.  

EPS Minute Books for the Society’s first 100 years have been deposited with the Edinburgh Room at Edinburgh Central Library, except for the first Minute Book covering the years 1861-65, which was reported missing in 1885 and is still missing. 

Fortunately, the activities of EPS during these first five years and all Annual Reviews for this period, are well recorded in the old editions of the British Journal of Photography.


Published Material

Catalogues, journals, newspapers, etc

Official reports of photographic society meetings and other photographic news can be found in the 19th century photographic journals.  The editors of these magazines played an important role in spreading the knowledge of photography.  The following have been a good source of material for the early years.

Information on this site has been taken from:

         PSS Exhibition catalogues  - 1st, 3rd and 9th  exhibitions    

         EPS Exhibition catalogues  -  1876, 1890 and many other years

         EPS Transactions

EPS Transactions can be a useful source for the text of papers read to EPS - at least for the period 1900-1910.

In later years, 1910-1919,  Transactions of EPS often published just a summary of the Meetings rather than the full text of the Papers read.

I have not yet checked what record of EPS Meetings is recorded in Transactions of EPS for the periods 1880 to 1899 or 1920 to 1926.

Up to 1880, BJP can be a good source for finding the text of Papers read to EPS.

        EPS Journals

        EPS Bulletins

        EPS Syllabuses  

PSS Exhibitions were held from 1856 until 1866.  These were reported in the photographic press, including:

        Photographic Notes                  - Editor: Thomas Sutton

        Journal of Photography           - Editor: George Shadbolt

        Journal of the Photographic Society   


These exhibitions were also widely reported in newspapers, including:  Information has been taken from:

     The Aberdeen Journal

     The Courant

     The Caledonian Mercury

     The Daily Express

     The Daily Review

     The Daily Scotsman

 ─     The Dumfries Herald

─     The Edinburgh Advertiser

─     The Edinburgh Evening Courant

─     The Edinburgh Evening Reporter & Scottish Record

─     The Fifeshire Advertiser

─     The Galashiels Record 

─     The Glasgow Sentinel

─     The Lyceum

─     The  North British Agriculturalist

─     The North British Daily Mail

─     The Evening Post & Scottish Record

─     The Scottish Press

─     The Weekly Herald

─     The Weekly Herald & Mercury

     The Witness


Edinburgh Photographic Society

EPS Transactions  -  1880-1900 ©

EPS Publications

Minute  Books

Cash Book

Exhibition Catalogue - 1876

Exhibition Catalogue - 1890

Transactions 1880-94

Transactions 1895-1909

Transactions 1910-26

Journal  1926-52

Bulletins 1947-1973

Bulletins 1974-2000

Bulletins - Biographies of EPS Members

Bulletins - Notes on Other Societies

Bulletins - Notes on Techniques




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