Listed in Alphabetical Order of photographer


The Art of the Photographer – J Craig Annan 
William Buchanan - Publ: National Galleries of Scotland, 1992


Thomas Begbie’s Edinburgh - a Mid-Victorian Portrait 
David Patterson and Joe Rock  - City Art Centre - Publ: John Donald, 1992


-  William Carrick 1827-1878  -  Scottish Masters series, No. 3

Felicity Ashbee and Julie Lawson

Publ: National Galleries of Scotland, 1987


-   LJM Daguerre    [HAG:D]
    Helmut & Alison Gernsheim, 1956


Roger Fenton of Crimble Hall     [ISBN 0 900406 41 0]
John Hannavy
Publ.  The Gordon Fraser Gallery ltd., London & Bedford    1975


Edinburgh Institution  [See DO Hill - Artist]
Edited: J R S Young,    
Publ: George Waterston & Sons, Edinburgh, 1933


David Octavius Hill 1802-1870 and Robert Adamson 1822-1848 
Publ:  Scottish Arts Council
, April 1970   [This book accompanied an 1870 Centenary Exhibition.]


David Octavius Hill & Robert Adamson  
Sara Stevenson - Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1981


An Early Victorian Album - The Hill / Adamson Collection [HA:EVA]    Colin Ford and Roy Strong.


-   A Guide to the Free Church of Scotland College & Offices  [GFCS]  William S Anderson,  Publ: Knox Press, Edinburgh, 1994

Useful background reading and photos of DO Hill's Disruption painting.


Thomas Keith's Scotland   [TKS]
John Hannavy, Publ:  Canongate, 1981


Thomas Keith  1827-1895

Edinburgh Corporation Libraries & Museums Committee,  Publ: Macdonald, 1966


-  Brass & Glass - Scientific Instrument Making Workshops in Scotland  Clarke, Morrison-Low, Simpson Publ. National Museums of Scotland, 1989  [ISBN 0 948636 06 8]

This book includes a chapter on the Lennie Business, with several illustrations of the company's instruments.


John Moffat 1819-1894   [JM]  John Moffat - JSM Publishing, Eastbourne, 1990

This book was written by John Moffat, great grandson of the photographer, John Moffat


The Architectural Outsiders       [includes David Rhind]
edited by Roderick Brown  - Publ: Waterstone, London, 19
85  [ISBN 0 947752 04 8]

This book includes a chapter by Ian Gow entitled David Rhind - The Master of Mercantile Ornament.  It lists some of Rhind's architectural works, and gives references to his Obituaries and Testament.  David Rhind was a Member of the Photographic Society of Scotland.


Henry Peach Robinson  Master of Photographic Art  1830-1901    [ISBN 0 631 15573 2]    [ISBN 0 631 16172 4 (Paperback)]
Margaret F Harker   
Publ.  Basil Blackwell Inc,  New York   1988

This book was written by Margaret Harker, former President of the Royal Photographic Society and the British Institute of Professional Photography.  The book includes the background to HP Robinson's amateur and professional photography, with extensive reference notes.  It includes HP Robinson's chronology, his family tree back to 1581, lists of his photographs in exhibitions and  illustrations of many of his photographs.


Views and Likenesses - Early Photographers and their Work in Cornwall and Scilly, 1839-1870
Charles Thomas  -  Publisher: Royal Institution of Cornwall, 1988

This book includes J Counsell Stephens' work in Cornwall. He was an early Edinburgh daguerreotypist.


-  Fox Talbot   John Hannavy
Shire Publications Ltd:  Lifelines 38  3rd edition 1997
ISBN 0 7478 0351 X

A small illustrate booklet, first published in 1976 by John Hannavy, author of several books on photography (and still writing, 2004)


-  The First Negatives  D B Thomas
A Science Museum Monograph  2nd Impression.1970
SBN 11 290089 5

A small illustrate booklet, first published in 1964, acknowledging the donation of Talbot negatives, photographs, documents and equipment to the Science Museum by Talbot's grand-daughter.


University of St Andrews Valentine Collection
    St Andrews' University Library 

Tel: 01334 462324:   Fax 01334 462282        email or

This is a useful little booklet that gives a brief history of Valentine's business. It also includes a table showing how the numbers that appear on Valentine postcards can be used to determine the date of  the negative used for the postcard. (in some cases this is many years before the postcard was published.)

The booklet was produced in 1999.  Copies are still available (Mar 05) at a cost of £5 + £1 postage (UK).  See contact addresses above.


George Washington Wilson - Artist & Photographer (1823-93):  [GWW:RT]    Roger Taylor


-  The Photography of John Muir Wood,
   An Accomplished Amateur 1805-1892
    Sara Stevenson, Julie Lawson, Michael Gray

    Publ. Scottish National Portrait Gallery:    ISBN 1 85378 007 3

The book gives details of John Muir Wood's life and his circle of associates, together with notes on experiments in the calotype process.


-  Yerbury: A Photographic Collection 1850-1993   [YPC]


-  British Photographers
Cecil Beaton 1944


A Directory of London Photographers - 1841-1908
Michael Pritchard


A Faithful Likeness
Bernard & Pauline Heathcote

This book has details of some of Edinburgh's early photographers.  The Heathcotes found a few early Edinburgh photographers that I had not found, and vice versa.


Macmillan’s Encyclopedia of Photographic Artists and Innovators [ME]  Publ: New York, 1983


-  Masterpieces of Photography in the Riddell Collection  [RC]


Scottish Photography - A Bibliography - 1839 to 1989
Sara Stevenson and Alison Morrison Low

Published by Saliva Books in connection with The Scottish Society for the History of Photography  ISBN 0-9512533-4-4   1990


A Companion Guide to Photography in the National Galleries of Scotland

Sara Stevenson and Duncan Forbes  [ISBN 1 903278 23 6]    1990

Biographical details and photographs by over 150 photographers whose work is included in the National Gallery of Scotland's collection.  This collection now (2005) amounts to 32,000 images.




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