Engraving published in Germany

Royal High School


North Bridge (left)                                                              The Royal High School (right)

Engraving og the Royal High School  -  published in Germany

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The Royal High School

This view of the Royal High School is Plate LXII  - in which book?  The title is:


I am not able to translate the following additional information that appears below the engraving:

LEFT:  Stahlstich von J G Martini, Rudelslandt

LEFT:  Aus d. Kunstanstalt d. Bibliogr Instituts i Hildbh

RIGHT:  Eigenthum d. Verleger

Translation now provided.  Thank you to Phil Wilson.

LEFT:    Stahlstich = steel plate engraving (after the process developed by Charles Heath)       

LEFT:    Aus d. Kunstanstalts d. Bibliogr Instituts in Hildbgh = from the Art Foundation (or Division or Institute) of the Bibliographic Institute, Hildburghausen (a town in Thuringia).

There seem to have been a series of books on Schools, the various titles including 'German Schools', 'French Schools', 'Italian Schools' and 'European Schools'. It was probably the last that the RHS plate came from I suppose.

RIGHT: Eigenthum d Verleger = Property (i.e. Copyright) of the Publisher.

Verlag = Publishing House or 'Press'


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