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Edward Roper Yerbury


Edward Roper Yerbury
aged about three

Edward Roper Yerbury  -  b.1915

  Reproduced by courtesy of the Yerbury family.
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This photograph of Edward Roper Yerbury (1915-1949) was taken by his father, Edward Raeburn Yerbury (1881-1952)


Edward Roper Yerbury


Edward Roper Yerbury  was born in 1915, taking him middle name from his grandmother Eliza Roper, wife of wife of David Martin Stenhouse of Messrs Stenhouse Linen Manufacturers, Cupar, Fife.

He won awards and trophies for many activities:

-  Cooper's Painting Competition for ages 13 and 14.

-  East of Scotland Figure Skating Club, Junior Section - 1933-34.

-  603rd City Of Edinburgh (Bomber) Squadron, Auxiliary Air Force - dead heat for 1st place in 440 yards race.

He studied photography at the Boroughmuir Commercial Institute in Edinburgh.

 The Press reported in 1932 that he:

"was awarded a prize in the Johnson competition for flashlight photographs in the recent London Exhibition with a portrait of the teacher of his class, Mr AW Hill, taken during a lesson in flashlight photography"

He joined the Yerbury family business in Edinburgh briefly, in 1933.


Edward Roper Yerbury


In  1937, Edward Roper Yerbury emigrated to Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia, where he became manager of the Photographic department of Messrs Lennon Ltd. 

He was an enthusiastic Rover scout,

He represented Matabeleland as a long-jumper at the Empire Games athletic trials in Salisbury in 1937

He was Secretary of the Rhodesia Photographic Society when it staged its exhibition in Bulawayo in July 1939

On 9 September 1939, Edward Roper Yerbury married Miss Patricia Taylor, niece of Sir Percy Fynn, Acting Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia.

David Roper Yerbury was visited by his father and mother, Edward Reuben Yerbury and Grace Philp Yerbury in 1939 on their Tour Round Africa.

David Roper Yerbury was expected to return to Edinburgh to run the Yerbury photographic business but died, following a tragic motorcycle accident in Bulawayo, in June 1940.


Edward Roper Yerbury

'The Sky Pilot'

Edward Roper Yerbury
'The Sky Pilot'

ER Yerbury, The Sky Pilot, photographed by his father, ER Yerbury

  Reproduced by courtesy of Trevor E R Yerbury, Edinburgh.   Click here for link to web site.

Edward Roper Yerbury, The Sky Pilot,
photographed by his father, Edward Reuben Yerbury



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Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1881-1952

Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940  -  aged about three   Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940

Edward Roper Yerbury - 1915-1940

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