Photograph by ER Yerbury

George Watson's College

Former Pupils


ER Yerbury photographing a grpoup of Former Pupils of George Watson's College

  Reproduced by courtesy of the Yerbury Family.   Click here for link to web site.

George Watson's College

Former Pupils

Edward Reuben Yerbury (1881-1952) took many photographs of large school groups.  This photo shows how they were taken.  The camera swung slowly round in an ark, slowly photographing the group. 

On some occasions, some pupils dashed from one end of the line to the other while the photo was being taken, and so appeared twice on it.

The photograph above is of a Re-union of George Watson College Former Pupils, when they met for the last time at the old school.  This photo appeared in the Evening Dispatch on 16 July 1932. 


The Yerbury family of photographers

ER Yerbury x 3  -  Professional photographers in Edinburgh


eDWARD rEUBEN yERBURY  1843-1933

Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1843-1932

eDWARD rEUBEN yERBURY  1881-1952

Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1881-1952

Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940  -  aged about three   Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940

Edward Roper Yerbury - 1915-1940

David Stenhouse Yerbury  1925-1980

David Stenhouse Yerbury -1925-1980

Trevor Yerbury  -  born 1951

Trevor ER Yerbury - 1951- .....

and Faye Yerbury

Eleanor D Yerbury - b.1845

Laura G Yerbury


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