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Yerbury & Stewart

1864 to 1866

Edward Reuben Yerbury (1843Ė1933) was a portrait photographer.

He attended London School of Photography, then came to Edinburgh and became a partner in Yerbury & Stewart, photographers in 1865, based at 3 [South] Hanover Street.

On the front of their cartes de visite, they advertised:

Yerbury & Stewart 

from the London School of Photography

 3 So. Hanover Street, Edinburgh 


From 1867

I found no listing for either Yerbury & Stewart or Yerbury in the Edinburgh Trade Directories for 1867..

From 1868 onwards, the business listed in the directories was Yerbury

The business was based at the corner of Hanover Street and Princes Street opposite the National Galleries of Scotland, and remained there until 1912.



Who was Mr Stewart?

I have not yet discovered who Stewart of the Yerbury & Stewart partnership was. 

Was he, perhaps, related to Thomas Stewart who died probably shortly before the Yerbury & Stewart partnership was established?

If you can provide any further information on the Yerbury and Stewart connection, please email me so that I can add the details to this site and pass them on to others who are investigating the family histories.

Thank you.             -  Peter Stubbs




Irene Sweeney Townsley

Thank you to Irene Sweeney Townsley who wrote:

Thomas Stewart

"Thomas Stewart's death certificate, dated 27 September 1863, describes him as a photographic assistant who died from accidental poisoning.  His usual address was given as 6 Gardeners Crescent, Edinburgh."

Irene Sweeney Townsley

Irene's great, great, great aunt's husband was Thomas Stewart .]




Martin Yerbury

Thank you to Martin Yerbury who wrote:

Robert Stewart

"Isn't Mary Ann, sister of Edwin/Edward Yerbury (1816-61) supposed to have married George Stewart in London in 1929?

It seems likely that they had a son, Robert Stewart, who was born in Chelsea in 1831  -  but whether this is the right family or not is another matter"

Martin Yerbury




Niall Scott

Thank you to Niall Scott who wrote:

Yerbury Connection to Our Family

"I took up researching family history last year.  A few of my Edinburgh ancestors, Tyrrells, were photographers in the 1900s.

Today, a cousin emailed me to say that she had been tracing one of our ancestors Emma Mackay from Edinburgh, and had found out that Emmaís middle name was Yerbury.

In fact, it was Edmund Yerbury who married my Great Grandmotherís sister Emma Tyrrell!"

Edmund Yerbury + Brother and Sisters

"I did a bit more research I was amused to find that in 1861, Edmund was living in London with his family and was a coal office clerk.

His sister, Eleanor D, was then at the London School of Photography so she preceded Edmund into the photography business.  In 1881, she was living in Edinburgh with an occupation of Photographic Artist.

I have only found four children in Edmundís family, the others were sisters Eleanor and Elizabeth who never married and a younger brother Samuel."

Yerbury and Stewart

"I can find no known connection to Edinburgh before 1864.  So it seems likely (given that visiting cards are telling the truth)  that the mysterious Mr Stewart came from Edinburgh went to the London School of Photography where he met one or other of the Yerburys and persuaded them to move north to Edinburgh.

As a matter of interest, the Tyrrells were Gold Beaters and the Murrays, with whom they seem close, were in printing."

Niall R Scott:  March 17, 2010


The Yerbury family of photographers

ER Yerbury x 3  -  Professional photographers in Edinburgh ©


eDWARD rEUBEN yERBURY  1843-1933 ©

Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1843-1932

eDWARD rEUBEN yERBURY  1881-1952 ©

Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1881-1952

Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940  -  aged about three ©  Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940 ©

Edward Roper Yerbury - 1915-1940

David Stenhouse Yerbury  1925-1980 ©

David Stenhouse Yerbury -1925-1980

Trevor Yerbury  -  born 1951 ©

Trevor ER Yerbury - 1951- .....

and Faye Yerbury

Eleanor D Yerbury - b.1845

Laura G Yerbury


Yerbury Studio  -  1892

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