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Edward Reuben Yerbury


Edward Reuben Yerbury 

Edward Reuben Yerbury  -  1843-1933

  Reproduced by courtesy of the Yerbury Family.   Click here for link to web site.

Edward Reuben Yerbury (18431932) was a portrait photographer.  He attended London School of Photography, then came to Edinburgh and became a partner in Yerbury & Stewart.

The business became his own four years later, and remained at the same site, on the corner of Hanover Street and Princes Street opposite the National Galleries of Scotland, until 1912.

Edward Reuben Yerbury married Emma Tyrrell.    The couple celebrated their Golden Wedding on 14 October 1925.


Edward Reuben Yerbury

EPS Member

Edward Reuben Yerbury was EPS Secretary, 1874-76. He gave a lecture to EPS in 1876 entitled:

"The Aims and Objects of Photographic Societies with Suggestions for increasing the Prosperity of our own."  

He exhibited 5 platinotype photographs in the 1890 EPS Exhibition.


Edward Reuben Yerbury

1881 Census

Edward Reuben Yerbury was listed in the 1881 census as:


Born:  1843, London

Resident:  Flat 3,  16 Livingstone Place, Edinburgh

Wife:  Emma Tyrrell


1.  Emma Darnigs

aged 4

(born:  Edinburgh)

2.  Elizabeth Tyrrell

aged 1

(born:  Edinburgh)


Further children (born 1881 and later)

3.  Edward Reuben

b. 1881

(born:  Edinburgh)

4.  Eleanor

b. 1883

(born:  Edinburgh)

[DR Torrance]


Edward Reuben Yerbury and his wife and brothers and sisters

Dates of Death

Thank you to Tony Martin-Jones, Canberra, Australia, who has been researching the Yerbury family history, for providing the following comments.

Tony wrote:

Edward Reuben Yerbury

"Edward Reuben YERBURY (born in 1843) died on 29 July 1932 at 121 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh.

There had been some confusion as to the year of death of Edward Reuben Yerbury, reported elsewhere as being 1933.  However, Tony Martin-Jones has now clarified the position, after visiting the National Library of Australia in Canberra and consulting the death notices in the Scotsman for 1932, then providing the details above.    - Peter Stubbs, December 19, 2006

Emma Yerbury

"Emma YERBURY or TYRRELL, Edward R's wife died, on 4 January 1933, at 121 Dalkeith Road. Her probate record is indexed under both surnames."

Eleanor Darnigo Yerbury

"Eleanor Darnigo Yerbury, sister of Edward Reuben Yerbury (b.1843),  was also a photographer.

She died on 2 January 1917 at 27 Culverden Park Road, Tunbridge Wells, England, aged 72 years."

Eleanor Darnigo Yerbury

"Eleanor Darnigo YERBURY, ERY's sister, who was also a photographer, died on 2 January 1917 at 27 Culverden Park Road, Tunbridge Wells, England, aged 72 years."

Elizabeth Lief YERBURY

"Elizabeth Lief YERBURY, ERY's sister, died on 30 October 1930 at 27 Culverden Park Road, Tunbridge Wells, England, aged 78 years."

Samuel George YERBURY

"Samuel George YERBURY, ERY's brother, and also at one stage a photographer, died on 23 October 1934 at 2a Bow Road, Poplar, London."

Tony Martin-Jones, Canberra, ACT, Australia:  December 17, 2006


The Yerbury family of photographers

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eDWARD rEUBEN yERBURY  1843-1933

Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1843-1932

eDWARD rEUBEN yERBURY  1881-1952

Edward Reuben Yerbury - 1881-1952

Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940  -  aged about three   Edward Roper Yerbury  -  1915-1940

Edward Roper Yerbury - 1915-1940

David Stenhouse Yerbury  1925-1980

David Stenhouse Yerbury -1925-1980

Trevor Yerbury  -  born 1951

Trevor ER Yerbury - 1951- .....

and Faye Yerbury

Eleanor D Yerbury - b.1845

Laura G Yerbury


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