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1.    A Quarter of ...

There are still some manufacturers that make and sell the old types of sweet, remembered by many of the contributors to the EdinPhoto recollections pages.

One such company has a web site named 'A Quarter of' .  The web site includes lots of info on the old sweets and illustrations of the sweets and their wrappers.

Just try following the links on the red bar at the top of thier web page.

2.    Albany Street in the 19th Century

Barclay Price has created this Albany Street, Edinburgh web site to record his research into the history of Albany Street in the 19th Century.  The site covers many aspects of Albany Street:

-  House list

-  Residents

-  St Mary's Church

-  The Albany Chapel

-  Education

-  Royal Visits

-  Sports

-  etc., etc.

3.    Arden Street  -  Mary Boyle

This site looks at some of the residents of Arden Street, Marchmont, Edinburgh, in the early 20th century, including:

      -  No 46: until 2004, the Edinburgh photographer, E R Yerbury.

      -  No 55:  jeweller and postcard publisher, Alphonse Louis Reis.

4.    Blackout, Austerity and Pride   NEW

This is a book (not a web site).  It is an autobiography by one of the contributors to the EdinPhoto web site, Roger Atkinson OBE, Author and Historian

Roger was born in 1928.  The book includes his memories of growing up in the 1940s Lancashire, Norwich, Aldershot, Edinburgh, Doune, Aberdeen,, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Letchworth and London.

Roger's memoir1940s web site gives more information about the book and some reviews of the book.   The first few pages of the book can be viewed here.

5.    Broughton

A Broughton Spurtle web site has now been launched.  It includes:

-  notes on Broughton's history.

-  back issues of Broughton History Society's newsletter.

-  letters.

-  a list of forthcoming events in Broughton.

6.    Caltongate

Proposed development  by Mountgrange for the Waverley Valley to the north of the Canongate,  including the former New Street bus depot.

7.    Caltongate - Opposition

This web site gives details of the SOOT (Save Our Old Town) campaign against Mountgrange's proposed developments for the Waverley Valley.

8.    Cockburn Association

The Cockburn Association was established in 1875.  It still continues to campaign on planning, transport and architectural issues in Edinburgh.

9.    Corstorphine Memories:  facebook page

Thank you to Kenny Watt for emailing me on 30 April 2016 to tell me about this facebook page that he had discovered.

Kenny wrote:

"Have you seen this Corstorphine Memories page?  It has tons of old photos and stuff, just like the EdinPhoto web site."

Facebook:  Corstorphine Memories

10.    Craigmillar Photos and Memories on Facebook  A NEW LINK

Johnni (Stanton) McKenzie, who looks after the Craigmillar Archive of photos and has held several exhibitions of photos at Craigmillar, has set up a facebook page called Niddorns United.

Johnni tells me that the site was set up less than ten days ago and already has 400 members swapping old pictures and information about the area.

Johnni's next exhibition of Craigmillar photos is to be held next week (beginning March 21, 2011 in what will be the newly-renovated White House at Niddrie Mains Road.

11.  Dumbiedykes - Panorama film clip

This  BBC - Scotland on Film web site has a link to a 4-minute film clip titled Edinburgh Slums (1961) featuring Arthur Street, Dumbiedykes.

12.  Edinburgh's Architecture  -  Gerry Blaikie

This site has attractive sketches of some of Edinburgh's buildings.  Several of the buildings on the Edinburgh Architecture web site also appear in photographs and engravings on this EdinPhoto web site.

13.  Edinburgh City Libraries  -  Edinburgh Room

The Edinburgh Room at Edinburgh Central Library, George IV Bridge,  has a wide range of books, Post Office Directories, old maps and other reference material on Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Room also has an extensive collection of  photographs, watercolours, drawings and engravings, many of which are now included on the Capital Collections web site.

14.  Edinburgh Camera Shop

This is the current web site of Edinburgh Camera Shop.  The web site was recently established [2004]; though the company was originally set up to take over the business of George George Morrison, so can trace its links back to 1912.

15. Edinburgh Cinemas and Theatres

This web site by Gordon Barr gives brief details and photographs of many of the cinemas and theatres of Edinburgh.  His site includes cinemas and theatres that are still in operation and many that are no longer operating.

16 Edinburgh Film Focus

This  site has been created to support people working on feature films, documentaries, adverts, etc. in Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Scottish Borders.

The EdinFilm web site has an impressive collection of images of Edinburgh and surrounding area, with the option to search for images by category of subject.

17.  Edinburgh Fire  -  Dec 2002  -  Competition for Redevelopment

A fire broke out in the Old Town of Edinburgh in December 2002.  I have received some e-mails and there have been comments in the Guest Book asking about it.  I have included a few photographs on this web site. 

Here is a link to a website that has been created to allow architects, design students and the public to enter a competition.  This is an unofficial competition looking for ideas of how the site at South Bridge / Cowgate destroyed by fire might be redeveloped.

18.  Edinburgh Gig Archive  A NEW LINK

Simon Swan, Edinburgh, is the owner and author of this web site, a site that gives details of gigs and venues in Edinburgh, mainly in the 1970s and 1980s.

There are photos of venues, musicians on stage and copies of adverts and tickets for the performances.

Venues include Caley, Clouds, Empire, La Belle Angele, McGoos, Music Box, Subway, Tiffany's, Valentinos and many others.

I have also included information from the Edinburgh Gig Archive site in Edinburgh Clubs and Discos, Recollections 142.

19. Edinburgh Graveyards  -  Alan Wilson

This site includes photographs taken in several of Edinburgh's graveyards.

20. Edinburgh in the 1960s  A NEW LINK

Here is a Flickr page that features a collection of photos of Edinburgh streets and buildings, taken by Jack Gillon in the 1960s.

I found that these photos captured the atmosphere of Edinburgh at that time very well.  That's when I arrived in Edinburgh and settled here.

21. Edinburgh Past and Present

This is a new non-commercial web site set up by Morris Skilling, Craiglockhart, Edinburgh, to record his interest in Edinburgh.  The site has drop-down menus at the top of each page, with links to pages covering:

     -  Past:        Stories of Old Edinburgh
                           Haunted Edinburgh

     -  Present:  Attractions, Places to Visit
                           Free museums and galleries.

22. Edinburgh Street Names

I've found 'History and Derivation of Edinburgh Street Names', (Publ. Edinburgh Corporation City Engineers Dept) to be a good reference book.

The content of the book can now be found this web site.  The street names are listed in two parts:

-  streets named up to 1920 researched by Charles B Boog Watson

-  streets named after 1920 compiled by Edinburgh City Engineers Dept.

23. Edinhattan

This is a 3-minute film about Edinburgh, based on Woody Allan's film, Manhattan.  You may find it amusing.

24. Fettes College

This Yeo Society web site includes a page on John Shapland Yeo, after whom the Yeo Pavilion at Fettes College was named.

25. Gilmerton  -  Old Photo *

Here is an old photo of Main Street, Gilmerton, taken in the days when it was a separate village, rather than a suburb of Edinburgh.  The photograph is on the web site of South Edinburgh Community Network.

Gilmerton lies about 4 miles to the south-east of the centre of Edinburgh.

26. Granton Gas Works    A NEW LINK

The Granton History Group web site includes this section giving the history of Granton Gas Works, based on research by David King, webmaster for the Granton History Group.

27. Granton Trawlers

This web site was set up in June 2007 by Andrew Hall to keep alive memories of the trawling industry that was once based at Granton Harbour, Edinburgh.

Andrew now lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but is still keen to hear more stories about trawling from Granton.

The site includes:

-   a brief history of Granton Harbour

-   a list of Granton trawlers,

-   a map of the fishing grounds

28. J Hewit & Sons Ltd

This web page gives a potted history of J Hewit & Sons.  The company operates a tannery at Currie, about 5 miles SW of the centre of Edinburgh.

This is one of the places that I visited for my photographic project, documenting 'People at Work in Edinburgh'.

29. Historical Cities - Edinburgh    A NEW LINK

Stephen Hall's Historical Cities web site for Edinburgh plots the locations for photos of Edinburgh from different periods as pins on a map.  By clicking on any of these pins, the photos can be enlarged and the source of these photos can be found.

30. Juniper Green

Juniper green is a village beside the Water of Leith in SW Edinburgh, now a suburb of Edinburgh.  The village celebrated its 300th Anniversary in 2007.

This Juniper Green Village Association web site includes some old photos and an aerial view of the village, together with news, history and a blog.

31. Leith Docks

This page from the Merchant Navy Officers' web site gives details and a photograph of the training ship 'T.S. Dolphin' that was based in Leith Docks for many years.

32. Leith History

This Leith History site, run by John Arthur, a local historian from Leith.  The site includes:

-  articles on many aspects of Leith.  Several articles have been archived each month since December 2003.

-  links to many other web sites all relating to Leith and its history.  See the 'General' list on the home page.

33. Leith Memories

John Stewart was born in Leith in 1934 and attended Dr Bell's school.

On this 'Old Leither' web site, John records:

his memories of growing up in Leith up to the mid-1950s..

other people's memories of Leith.

-  more about Leith:  a pot pourri and other bits and pieces.

33. UPDATE 1  (Nov 2010)

Expansion of 'Old Leither' web site

The scope of the 'Old Leither' web site is continuing to expand.
It now includes sections on:

Leith's Italian community.

-  Men and women's clothes fashions over the years.

33. UPDATE 2  (Jan 2012)

John Stewart  RIP

Sadly, I'm passing on the news of the death of John Stewart (who ran the 'OldLeither' web site) after a short illness on January 9, 2012.

I know that he will be sadly missed by the many people around the world who have appreciated his enthusiasm for Leith and all the work that he has done to set up his 'OldLeither' web site,  and keep it running over the past eleven years.

It is hoped that arrangements can be made to continue to keep the 'OldLeither' web site operating.

33. UPDATE 3  (Jul 2013)

Thank you to Tam McLuskey for posting a message in the EdinPhoto guestbook. 

Tam wrote:

Other Web Sites

"This is just to let people know that the ''Old Leither' web site has finally come to an end in its current format.  However, you can still access most of its features by going to:

The Spirit of Leithers website or

-  Alan Bett's Leither website.

I hope to see many of you coming onboard.   Tam."

Tam McLuskey, Shannon Lake, Westbank, British Columbia, Canada:  July 5, 2013

33. UPDATE 4  (August 2013)

Jim Macfarlane wrote:

Other Web Sites

"John Stewart's Old Leither web site has come to an end and has been replaced by a Facebook page called The Spirit of Leithers run by John's son and daughters.

Jim Macfarlane, Gibraltar:  August 5, 2013

34. Liberton  -  Old Photos

Liberton lies about three miles to the south east of the centre of Edinburgh.  Here are 12 old photos of Liberton, taken in the days when it was a separate village rather than a suburb of Edinburgh.  These photos include Liberton Crossroads, Liberton Kirk, Cameron Toll, Old Dalkeith Road, Gilmerton Road and Double Hedges Road, and a map of the area. 

These photographs are on the web site of Edinburgh Business School at Heriot Watt University.

35. Maps of Edinburgh  -  NLS

This site has links to many historic maps of Edinburgh and elsewhere from the large collection of the National Library of Scotland's map room.

36.  Music Scene in Edinburgh (1950-2011)   A NEW LINK

David Irving wrote his site  Howff tae Hip Hop in 2013.  He describes it as "a subjective history of the Edinburgh Music scene".

The site looks to me to give an interesting and informative summary of the Edinburgh music scene, broken down into these sections:

1: Shortbread and Tartan (1950-1959)

2: The First Paradiddley Dum Dum Era (1960-1966)

3: Incredible Psychedelia (1967-1969)

4: Tartan Trews and Braces (1970-1975)

5: Flying Saucers Over Arthurís Seat (1976-1978)

6: Punkís Still Not Dead (1979-1981)

7: Splashing In The Dolfinarium (1982-1986)

8: Some Of The Greatest Pop Never Heard (1987-1995)

9: Pioneering The Hauntological Approach (1996-2001)

10: Sending Out The S.O.S. (2002- 2011)

37.  Newhaven on Forth *

This web site looks back on the history of Newhaven on the Firth of Forth, about three miles to the north of Edinburgh, with its harbour, fishmarket and fishwives. 

The site includes photographs, a surname search, memories and stories and a guest book.

38.  Old & New Edinburgh

James Grant's book 'Old & New Edinburgh' is now usually found in 3, or occasionally 6, bound volumes.  It was originally issued in weekly installments, around 1890, published by Cassell & Co.

Hamish Horsburgh and Peter Gerard have now made the six-volume set available on a web site  designed  primarily to enable school children and students to download images and text, and to discover more about the architecture, history and people of Edinburgh.

The ability to search the text of these books for key words, on line,  should be very helpful.

39.  Old Edinburgh Club

The Old Edinburgh Club is a local history society.  It was established in the early 1900s, when Edinburgh Photographic Society's Survey Section was busy making a photographic record of  'vanishing Edinburgh'. 

The Old Edinburgh Club web site gives details of the club's lectures, visits, publications and membership.  It has links to other Edinburgh web sites and a list of books about the history of photography.

40.  Old Sugarhouse Close

Here is a link to a 1-minute movie clip of a family moving out of Old Sugarhouse Close, Leith.

This is one of the films on the Scottish Film Archive pages of the National Library of Scotland web site.  It was made, around 1939, by Alan James Harper of Campbell Harper Productions.

41.  One o'clock Gun

This site gives a brief illustrated history of Edinburgh's time ball at the Nelson Monument on Calton Hill and the One o'clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle.

The site is provided in association with the One o'clock Gun Association which was formed in 1998 to set up a gun museum at Edinburgh Castle

42.  Portobello Local History

On this web site, Edinburgh City Libraries give details so some of the statues and monuments in and around Portobello, including the Miller Mausoleum, otherwise known as the Craigentinny Marbles.

43.  Portobello Online

This community web site run by Bob Jefferson.  It includes:

-  details of forthcoming events in Portobello

-  full text from past editions, from 2001 onwards, of  the local community newspaper, The Portobello Reporter.

-  photo galleries, including many photos taken at the beach

-  postcards of Portobello, with many more yet to be added.

44.  Princes Street Parade

This clip is from a British Pathe film titled "Allies Week in Edinburgh 1942".  It shows a large parade of servicemen and women representing the British Commonwealth marching along Princes Street in 1942.

The film clip lasts less than a minute.


This site from the Royal Commission on the Ancient & Historic Monuments of Scotland has a collection of photographs of buildings around Scotland, including Edinburgh.  The RCAHMS also has a collection of aerial photos that can be seen by appointment.

46.  Ritz Cinema Construction    A NEW LINK

Here is a link to a 23-minute silent movie in black and white about the construction of the Ritz Cinema in Rodney Street.

This is one of the films on the Scottish Film Archive pages of the National Library of Scotland web site.  The film was made in 1929. 

The film shows demolition and construction practices of that time.  They would not pass today's Health & Safety standards!  There area also some interesting views of transport of the time.

47  Robert Blomfield's Street Photography

This web site has a brief biography of Robert Blomfield, together with his portfolio of photos, now digitized and displayed in nine sections, four of which relate to Edinburgh.

I'm pleased to see Robert Blomfield's Street Photography web site.  It should enable Robert's photos to reach and be appreciated by a far wider audience that it deserves.

The web site includes a brief biography of Robert, together with his portfolio of photos, broken down into these sections.  These are the sections for Robert's Edinburgh photos:

Edinburgh 1956-60:       37 photos

Edinburgh 1961-64:       38 photos

Edinburgh 1965:           165 photos

Edinburgh 1966-69:     112 photos

48.  Royal High School Club, London

This site includes news of the Royal High School, Edinburgh, and its history.  The site is illustrated with a gallery of photographs.

49.  St Cuthbert's Milk Deliveries    A NEW LINK

This is a short film clip showing St Cuthbert's milk delivery horses and carts in the streets of Edinburgh and at the stables in 1967.  This film clip comes from the Scottish Film Archives collection held  by the National LIbrary of Scotland

50.  Scottish Cinemas     A NEW LINK

This site has pictures of cinemas throughout Scotland, including pages for Edinburgh, Leith and Portobello

51.  Scottish Site Directory  -  JK Gillon

This site may be slow to load, but it is worth the wait!  It has links to other sites with Scottish themes, particularly the strange and unusual. 

It includes many Edinburgh subjects - Scott Monument, St Bernard's Well, Time Gun, Diorama, Edinburgh Exhibitions, Portobello, etc.

52.   Scran

The Scran web site has been created to provide an educational resource.  It now (at 2011) has over 360,000 images including many of Edinburgh, from museums, galleries and archives.

All users can search the site and access thumbnail images on the site.  Larger images are also available to those who have paid a subscription to Scran or are exempt from subscriptions, e.g. teachers. **

I have included some photos from Scran on the EdinPhoto web site where I hae been able to obtain the authority from the copyright owner to add them to the site.  This has usually been Scotsman Publications.  Unfortunately, the dates of some of the Scotsman Publications photos on Scran do not appear to be correct.


**  Update - March 2012  NEW

Free Access to Scran web site

The Scran web site can now be accessed through the City of Edinburgh Libraries web site  by anybody who is a member of the library.

This Edinburgh Libraries web site can also be used by people to join the library.  People joining the library do not need to live in Edinburgh.

53.  Singing in the Streets of Edinburgh

Here is a clip from a film now being displayed on one of the National Library of Scotland's pages on YouTube.  The film is titled "The Singing Street: children playing in Edinburgh (1950s)"

The film clip lasts for only about 30 seconds, but I found it to be appealing.

54.  Sixties Edinburgh NEW

This is a fairly new site on Flickr, currently (at April 1, 2012) displaying about 1,200 photos of Edinburgh in the 1960s, in monochrome by Jack Gillon.

These including many of scenes that have now vanished -  photos likely to bring back memories!

Some include people and vehicles.  Some look down on buildings from above.  A few are of places not yet identified.  I enjoyed looking at these photos and recommend the site.

55.  South Edinburgh Community Network

This page on the South Edinburgh Community Network site includes an account of the old village of Gilmerton, about 4 miles to the SE of the centre of Edinburgh, together with an old photograph of Main Street, Gilmerton.

56.  Streets of Edinburgh *

The Streets of Edinburgh  web site has recent black and white photographs of over 700 of Edinburgh's 5,000 streets.  The photos, taken by Jim Denniston, cover many districts of Edinburgh; not just the tourist areas.  Jim says:

"It is not my intention to pass comment on the content of any of the pictures in these pages, regardless of how beautiful or ugly they appear or how historically important or unimportant they may be. They are just pictures of how the streets appeared at the moment I turned up with my camera."

 * UPDATE  John Stewart, who runs the 'Old Leither' web site, tells me that Jim Dennison will be closing down his 'Streets of Edinburgh' web site on December 18, 2010.

Peter Stubbs:  December 11, 2010

57.  Talk Porty

The Talk Porty web site includes a forum on Portobello local history and also many postcards of Portobello, most taken from the the collection of Margeorie Mekie, Portobello

58. This link is to a beta page on the Citizendium encyclopaedia project. web site.

About 300 prominent events in the history of Edinburgh, from the arrival of the Romans in the 1st Century AD to the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 2004, are listed.

Many of the events listed include links to related web pages.

59.  Trinity Academy

This site includes a brief history of Trinity School, and includes a couple of early photographs from the school:

-  pupils in 1900

-  staff in 1904

60.  Waverley Valley

This web site has been set up on behalf of Canongate Community Forum. 

It gives details of their Save Our Old Town campaign against the proposed Caltongate developments for the Waverley Valley.  The valley lies between the Canongate (part of Edinburgh's Royal Mile) and Calton Hill.

61.  XYZ Digital Map Co  -  aerial maps and posters of Edinburgh

The company has produced a book and posters of aerial views of Edinburgh.  These provide interesting comparisons to the early maps of Edinburgh.  The road lay-out of both the New Town and Old Town of Edinburgh has hardly changed since the early days of photography.



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