Early Processes

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1.  About Photography  -  Daguerre

This site includes brief details of Daguerre's discovery of his Daguerreotype process.

2. Alternative Photographic Processes 

The alternative photography web site covers a wide range of early processes, and has some useful links to other web sites.  Here is a page on the alternative photography web site that explains and illustrates how to make paper for albumen prints, the most popular type of print from around 1860 to the 1890s.

3. Alternative Photographic Processes  -   Bostick & Sullivan ******

     ******  This site seems to be no longer available from the link above.

      Please email me and pass on the current address for this site, if you know it. 
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See Bostick & Sullivan and Bostick & Sullivan - Technical Page

This site by Dick Sullivan of Santa Fe, New Mexico gives advice on many of the old photographic processes, and  sells books, chemicals and alternative process kits.

It also has a forum for exchanging views on using early photographic processes4.

4.  Alternative Photographic Processes  -  Edwardo Aites

Eduardo Aites, now living in Seattle, Washington USA has worked with:

-  Laser holography

-  Etching

-  Aquatint printmaking

-  Cyanotypes

-  Polaroid image transfer

-  Van Dyke and Kallitype prints

His web site includes examples of his work together with technical information and advice on the Cyanotype, Polaroid image transfer, Van Dyke and Kallitype processes.

5.  Alternative Photographic Processes  -  Harry's Pro Shop

This site includes lots of information for anybody interested in alternative photographic processes  -  Ambrotype, Autochrome, Bromoil, Calotype, Chrysotype, Cyanotype, Daguerreotype, Ferrotype, Gum Bichromate, etc.

This site has links to pages on alternative photographic processes written by David Leggatt and others.

6.  Alternative Photographic Processes  -  William A Foster  ******

     ******  This site seems to be no longer available from the link above.

      Please email me and pass on the current address for this site, if you know it. 
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This site shows the work of William A Foster ARPS FRSA, a retired professional photographer and lecturer.  He has been using pigment printing processes to produce pictorial prints for over fifty years.  The site includes examples of:

-  Bromoil and Oil Pigment (from 1953)

-  Carbon Transfer

-  Fresson (1950s)

-  Kallitype

-  Palladium

-  Gum Bichromate (from 1948), with a clear description of the process

-  Gum Kallitype

-  Gum Palladium

-  Gum Cyanotype

7.  Alternative Processing International Symposium (APIS) 2004

This Symposium is held in alternate years in the USA and the UK.  APIS 2004, it is to be held in Dunfermline, about 15 miles to the north-west of Edinburgh, on 18 to 19 September 2004.

Terry King's Hand-on-Pictures web site gives full details of the programme and booking arrangements for the event.

8.  Australia & New Zealand Photographic History  -   Marcel Safie  ******

     ******  This site seems to be no longer available from the link above.

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9.  Autochrome Process  ******

     ******  This site seems to be no longer available from the link above.

      Please email me and pass on the current address for this site, if you know it. 
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This bway.net site gives an explanation of the Autochrome process, with details from the Lumiere Brothers' patent for this process.  The Autochrome process was the first process to be made generally available for colour photography.

10. Carbon Printing  -  The Rocky Mountain Photographers' Forum *

* This link seems to be no longer active.
Does anybody know if it has moved to a new address?

Kevin Sullivan of Bostick & Sullivan recommends this forum as being the most active for people wishing to do their own carbon printing

The Bostick & Sullivan web site includes some details of carbon coating techniques.

11. Centre for Alternative and Historic Processes

This is a new web site (2005) from the Centre for Alternative and Historic Processes.  The web site currently lists the workshops on  offer from CFAAHP's studio in Broadway, New  York.

Subjects covered b y the workshops include calotype printing, albumen printing, wet plate collodion, ambrotypes, tintypes, glass negatives, platinum, palladium and gum Over platinum printing.

It is planned to add more sections to the web site to cover 2Exhibitions" and "Artists Talk"

12.  Creative Monochrome

Some people have asked where chemicals for the older photographic processes might be purchased.  I suggest the Creative Monochrome site below.  Creative Monochrome publish:

-  Mono

-  Photo Art International

-  Digital Photo Art

-  Best of Friends

To read more about Alternative Process Kits and chemicals, click on the link below, then select 'cm direct' at the foot of the screen, then 'chemicals'.

13.  Diorama in Great Britain in the 1820s  - R Derek Wood

14Directory of Historical Resources

15.  Hands on Pictures

For comments and advice from one of the photographers working with the Gum Bichromate process, and to see some examples of this work, I suggest having a look at this site by Terry King.

16.  History of Photography  -  Dr R Leggat

A comprehensive site on the history of photography. 

17.  Jerome and Gratispool

This web site  gives some interesting background details on the Jerome chain of studios in Britain and their use of the Gratispool paper negatives (retouched where necessary with a HB pencil)

18.  Large Format Photography

This site has a wealth of news/information about large format photography.  There are many useful links on the site to other web sites on photography.

There is also a photograph of a camera that really can be described as large format - well worth a look.

19.  Photo Net  -  early photography forum*

* This link seems to be no longer active.
Does anybody know if it has moved to a new address?

I have found this site useful in providing answers to some obscure questions on early photography.  Have a look to see if your question has already been asked.

If not, try leaving your question on the forum and see if anybody provides an answer.

20.  Picto Benelux

The Picto Benelux web site was created in 2005 by Jacques Kevers to allow information on early photographic processes to be collected and exchanged between enthusiasts.

This web site will offer workshops and will encourage the promotion of  work using early processes , oil prints, bromoil, etc., through exhibitions, web galleries and travelling portfolios.

The site is in two parts:

-  the public part is available to all.  It gives details of early processes 

-  the private part  is available for a modest annual subscription.  It gives access to more detailed discussion pages.

21.  Polyfotos

Polyfotos were popular in the 1950s  -  48 different small photos, often of children,  were contact printed onto a single sheet, then the best would be chosen to be enlarged.

This Science & Society web site has examples of Polyfotos.  This is the web site that holds the picture library of The Science Museum, London.

22.  Printing-out Paper  -  supplies*

* This link seems to be no longer active.  Does anybody know if it has moved to a new address?

Nigel Dear tells me that he can supply Printing-Out Paper, for anybody wishing to use the 'historically accurate medium from the 1890s to the 1920s for making prints from glass negatives'.  He also supplies other materials for early photographic processes. 

23.  Robert MacPherson

This is a Canadian web site WebNet - un monde de solutions! (which has text in both French and English).  It reports the finding of an 1863 photograph album by Robert MacPherson, containing 132 of his photographs of the Vatican Sculptures in Rome.

This site also has a list of other web sites that contain references to Robert MacPherson.

24.  Stereographica

This Stereographica site is the work of Brian and Page Ginns of New York. 

It includes an online auction, split into many categories relating to early photography  including cameras, stereoscopes, stereo views, cabinet cards, cartes de visite, Daguerreotypes, Ambrotypes , Autochromes, optical toys, etc.

Currently [March2004] there appear to be no Edinburgh items on offer in the auction, but perhaps there will be some in the future.

25.  Tintype Photos - Gem and Carte de Visite   NEW

For further information on Gem and Carte de Visite tintype photos, please see the web site of Photo Historian, Marcel Safier, Holland Park, Queensland, Australia.

This web site gives a brief description of the tintype and its origin.  It refers to tintype albums and lists many studios producing tintypes in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Sources of information are given and there are links to other relevant web sites.

26.  A Victorian Timeline  -  Dr J M Cros *

* This link seems to be no longer active.
Does anybody know if it has moved to a new address?

A useful timeline of photographic dates from 1515 to 1900.

27. Wet Collodion

Mark Osterman has been experimenting with the collodion process since 1987.  From a skylight studio at his home, working with his wife, he produces collodion negatives and ambrotypes.

Mark's collodion web site gives details of his research, exhibitions, publications and workshops.

28. Wet Collodion  -  Frederick Scott Archer

Seán MacKenna who lives and works in London is a practicing wet collodion photographer, also poet and tragedian.  He has  constructed a series of web pages to honour the memory of Frederick Scott Archer. 

These pages include:

-   the text of Archer's first publication in 'The Chemist, 1851'

-   Archer's manual of 1854, 'The Collodion Process on Glass'

Seán's web pages and links from these pages also include:

-   a photograph of Frederick Scott Archer.

-   an interesting short biography of Archer.

-   a photograph of Archer's unmarked grave.

-   an example of Archer's photography, c.1857.

-   a modern photograph of the same location, 2001.

-   examples of Seán MacKenna's collodion photography.

-   details of cameras used by Seán for his collodion work.

-   a link to a collodion forum web site.

29. Woodburytype Resource Site

This site gives information on the Woodburytype process and equipment.

30. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day  NEW

The www.pinholeday.org web site is devoted to pinhole photography. This site displays images taken around the world on 'Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day'.

In 2007, the day is to be Sunday April 29, 2007.



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