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1.  Cable Cars  NEW

This e Cable Car Guy web site gives details of cable car systems in Britain, including a couple of articles about the cable car systems introduced in 1888 linking Princes Street to the northern suburbs of Edinburgh

2.  Edinburgh Airport - 1960s    

Colin Lourie's web site includes many photos of aircraft that he took at Edinburgh Airport and at some of the other airports around Scotland in the 1960s.

3.  Edinburgh Airport  -  Rail Link

Consultation on providing a rail link to Edinburgh Airport begins in November 2004.  See the Edinburgh Airport Rail Link web site for further details

4.  Edinburgh Airport  - Turnhouse     NEW

This is an 8-minute film from the Scottish Film Archive, now held by the National Library of Scotland.  The film includes views of aircraft taking off from the airport in 1971.

I was told about this film by one of the contributors to an EdinPhoto discussion about whether or not  the old runway used to cross the A9 road.

5.  Edinburgh Railways

Steve Wakefield grew up in Edinburgh and now lives in Wigan, Greater Manchester, has brought together this collection of about 3,000 photos of Edinburgh Railways on his pages on the flickr web site.

Most of the photos are of diesel locomotives and diesel hauled trains, but the collection includes some photos of steam locos including some at  St Margaret's and Dalry Road loco sheds.

Steve also recently sent me some photos of the railway lines to the east and west of Granton Square.  I've added these, together with his memories of these lines to the EdinPhoto web site.

6.  Edinburgh South Suburban Railway

The Capital Rail Action Group web site gives details of a petition submitted by that group on April 2, 2007 to the Scottish Parliament, calling for the re-introduction of passenger services on the Edinburgh South Suburban Railway

7.  Edinburgh Trams

This site by Transport Initiatives Edinburgh (TIE) gives details and timescales for Edinburgh's two proposed tram routes, due to be built for 2009.

8.  Edinburgh Trams  -  1956 Film

This is a 12-minute film from the Scottish Film Archive.  The film can be seen in a small window on this page of the National Library of Scotland's web site.  The film includes many familiar Edinburgh street scenes, but with less traffic than we see today.

There are views of Edinburgh's last tram, in November 1956 and of the trams being taken to Coatbridge for scrapping and being broken up in James N Connell's scrap yard at Coatbridge.

9.  Edinburgh Trams Club     NEW

This site has information about tram rosettes, the fittings that attached the su0pports for tram wires to buildings beside the tram route.  One of the contributors to the EdinPhoto web site is seeking further information about these.

10.  Edinburgh Transport  -  1950

This site by Dewi Williams, now living in Ontario, Canada, shows his  photos of transport around Britain.  These include a few photos of Edinburgh trams, trains and buses, all photographed during a brief  visit to Edinburgh in October 1950.

11.  Edinburgh Transport  -  Improvements

This site lists proposals for transport improvements in and around Edinburgh, and how tit is proposed to fund these improvements, including:

-  funds from the Scottish Executive
-  funds from congestion charging, 2006-2026

12.  International Space Station

This page from the NASA web sites gives the times when the International Space Station will be visible from Edinburgh.

13.  Lothian Buses

This My Bus Tracker web site predicts the times that Lothian Buses will arrive at each of the bus stops on their routes in and around Edinburgh.

For the last couple of years, this information has been displayed on illuminated signs at many of the bus stops, but it is now also available, real time, on the internet.

Satellite navigation equipment, now installed on most Lothian Buses, is used to predict the bus times.

14.  Railways - Disused Stations

This Disused Stations Team, Roy Lambeth, Nick Catford and Alan Young  extended their Disused Stations web site on October 29,  2011 to include comprehensive details for:

-   the Waverley Route, linking Edinburgh Waverley Station to the Scottish Borders AND

-   the related branch lines:  to Selkirk, Lauder, Penicuik, Polton and Glencorse

A total of 2,177 photos, 224 maps, 237 tickets, 27 timetables were added to the Disused Stations web site to cover these lines.

This Disused Station web site covers a selection of closed railway stations in the UK.  One of the sections on the site covers the Edinburgh & Dalkeith Railway line that opened in 1831.

15.  Railways  -  Track Layouts

This Signalbox web site includes many signal box track diagrams, showing the railway track layouts throughout Britain.   The site is continuing to expand to include more track layouts

Here is the Leith North station lay-out, and a list of other lay-out diagrams on the former North British Railway lines.

Here is the Scotland Street lay-out, and a list of other lay-out diagrams on the former Caledonian Railway lines.

16.  Road Safety Film Clip

This clip from a Road Safety film entitled 'A Letter from Edinburgh' lasts for only 75 seconds, but has some interesting street scenes of Edinburgh in 1950.

This film comes from the Scottish Film Archive.  The film clip can be seen in a small window on this page of the National Library of Scotland's web site.

17.  Sailings to Inchcolm

There are now two companies sailing from Newhaven Harbour to the island of Inchcolm in the Firth of Forth.  Further details can be found on their web sites:

Seafari Adventure Forth and Maid of the Forth

18.  Scotland One

This is one of four web sites provided by the DotOneGroup.  There are sites for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, each providing photography and information.

The Scottish site, at June 2006, has links to over 150 web sites. They are grouped under four headings:  General, Aircraft, Buses and Railways.

19.  Ship Photographs

Iain McGeachy of Edinburgh has produced this web site showing almost 250 ships, most photographed in the Firth of Forth. The ships include cruise liners, merchant ships, tugs, warships and others.

Iain also collects model ships 1/1200 scale (1"=100').  His  ship photographs site (above) has a link to his model ships web site.

20. Trainbuff     NEW is a web site created by Kenneth Williamson, Silverknowes, Edinburgh, a regular contributor to the EdinPhoto web site.

The site is divided into 20 sections, each covering railways or trams in a different part of the world.  Four of these sections include photos of Edinburgh.  They are:

Edinburgh & District Trams

Edinburgh, Granton & Leith Railways

Postcards of Places, etc.

Postcards of Railways, Trams, etc.

The Forth Bridge

21. Tram Maps

Thank you to David King for providing two very useful interactive tram maps on the Granton History Group web site.  Here are links to them:

1920 Route Map (Edinburgh & Leith)

1950 Route Map (Edinburgh)

22.  Travel Information  -  Public Transport

The Traveline web site provides impartial advice on planning a journey by bus, coach or train, whether it be to Edinburgh or elsewhere in Britain.  The site includes a Journey Planner into which you key in  'from', 'to' and when you wish to travel.

23.  Waverley Route Heritage Association

This web site gives news of the Waverley Route Heritage Association's plans in connection with the proposed re-opening the a Heritage line on the Waverley Route.  The Association hopes to open a line from Whitrope Summit to Kielder Forest with further extensions.

The web site that you are currently reading (EdinPhoto)  includes a summary of press reports on the proposed re-opening of the Waverley Route between Edinburgh and the Scottish Borders.



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