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Cosmo Innes


Cosmo Innes was one of the earliest amateur photographers in Scotland.

He was also a successful advocate, Professor of Edinburgh University and historian, publishing many volumes, mostly via the Spalding Club. [Nick Smith]. 

He lived at 15 Inverleith Row, and was buried a short distance away at Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh.  Please click the image below to view his gravestone:

    Photograph by Peter Stubbs  -  Edinburgh  -  Warriston Cemetery  -  Gravestone of Cosmo Innes  



Portrait of Cosmo Innes?

I have been asked for a photograph of Cosmo Innes, but have not been able to find one.  If you know of any such photograph can you please email me to let me know where it can be found.  Thank you.

Edinburgh Calotype Club

Cosmo Innes was a founding member of the Edinburgh Calotype Club in the 1840s. 

Twenty-six of his calotype photos, most of large houses and buildings in the North of Scotland, are included in the Edinburgh Calotype Album held by the National Library of Scotland.  See the web site Pencils of Light for further details.

Eight of his calotype photos are included in the Edinburgh Calotype Album held by Edinburgh City Library

Photographic Society of Scotland

Cosmo Innes was a founding member of the Photographic  Society of Scotland (PSS) in 1856 and was still a member when the society was wound up in 1873. 

He read a paper to the PSS in 1856, published in Photographic Notes [Vol 1, 1856, pp169-172] and another paper A Tour: The Coasts of Spain to the society in 1857.

He was elected one of the society's two Vice Presidents for two years from March 1858, when the PSS was two years old.

He entered six calotype photographs of Scottish scenes - Mid Calder Church, Dunrobin Castle (2) and Elgin Cathedral (3)  - in the 1856 PSS Exhibition.

He entered a number of picturesque scenes of Venice and the old towns of Germany in the 1859 PSS Exhibition

Edinburgh Photographic Society

Cosmo Innes gave a lecture entitled Notes of a Photographic Tour in France, Itraly and Spain to Edinburgh Photographic Society (EPS) in their 1863-64 session, when EPS was two years old.


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