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Graeme Charles MUNRO
Adelaide, South Australia

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Graeme Charles MUNRO
Adelaide, South Australia

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Graeme Charles MUNRO
Adelaide, South Australia

Le Mans

Carlaw & Baxter


Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England


Monte Carlo Rally


Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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Graeme Charles MUNRO
Adelaide, South Australia

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Stafford, Staffordshire, England

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George ROY
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Apprenticeship 1950-55




Graeme Charles Munro

Adelaide, South Australia

Thank you to Graeme Charles Munro for sending me his recollections including the following:

At Work

"I remember:

Charlie  Hedges from London, the 'gruffy parky' in East Pilton Park.  I used to take his place sometimes as I was in the Parks Dept between my trade jobs.

Charlie Hedges' son, (Charlie), was my journeyman when I was apprenticed at  Moir and Baxter's garage at Comely Bank, now a Waitrose supermarket."

Graeme Charles Munro, Adelaide, South Australia;  June 26+27, 2006



Thank you to Lynn Fulton, Granton, Edinburgh who replied:

"The 'gruff parkie' in East Pilton Park was my Grandpa, although to me he was never gruff! 

My Granny, Jenny Hedges, also worked in the park and we spent many happy times there playing putting. 

The Charlie Hedges who worked in Moir & Baxter was my uncle.  Ironically he and his family moved to Adelaide in Australia too and died there a few years ago."

 Lynn Fulton, Granton, Edinburgh:  May 25, 2009


Graeme Charles Munro replied:

Charlie Hedges

"Apologies to the Lynn whose Uncle was Charlie Hedges Senior. Charlie was only 'gruff' to the weans I got on fine with him.

His son, the other Charlie, as I said was one of my mechanics, and indeed I met him here shortly after I arrived in Australia, at a Burns Supper. 

He was as amazed and overjoyed to see me, as I was him.  I was dancing with my wife when he tapped me on the shoulder:  'Hi.", I never did catch up with him again I am sorry to say and sorry also he had departed this life.

I used to love when he started to sing songs at work.  He had a fine voice.  His favourite song of the time was 'I Love You Any Way You Are'.

Mechanic Work

All the memories of working at Moir & Baxter are still with me.  I never did get my indenture papers in Scotland, and had to wait till I got to Australia to qualify as a mechanic.

I was paid off from M&B, ands could never get back into the trade due to Abdul Gamel Nasser, who sank ships in the Suez Canal to stop Brits getting petrol.

It took them years to clear it and by that time, I lost interest in the motor industry for a while, and went to repair washing machines and fridges instead.  But just prior to coming here, I got a mechanic's job in Trinity Road, and ended up the foreman there for some years.

It went the same way as Moir and Baxters and is a block of flats now." 

Graeme Charles Munro, Adelaide, South Australia;  May 29, 2009



1 ctd.

Graeme Charles Munro

Adelaide, South Australia

Graeme sent more details of Moir & Baxter, after reading comments from John Ross and Phil Wilson (below).

Graeme wrote:

"It's gie cauld the noo in South Australia, our winter time!"

Le Mans

I knew Mr Baxter Jn in the early fifties.   He was a keen rally driver and took part in the Le Mans in France. He was the son of the owner of the business at Comely Bank.

He used to have a Fiat car, that I bashed at one stage, I never saw it in the dark, and it had been thoroughly gone over for a Le Man's race in three weeks time.  I got forgiven as I owned up to it at a mere 16 years of age.

Carlaw & Baxter

Moir and Baxters took up with a Glasgow company, and the name changed to 'Carlaw and Baxter', but by that time I was well gone from the premises.

Graeme Charles Munro, Adelaide, South Australia;  June 30, 2006




John Ross

Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England

After reading the comments above, John Ross, wrote the message below.


"I started as an apprentice at Moir & Baxter at the same time as Graeme Munro (above).  I would dearly love to contact him by e-mail.

I was working in the Servicing Department and then went across the road to the Commercial  side.  I had a wonderful girl friend who worked in the office.  She married senior storekeeper at Moir and Baxter who was  English, approx 1950-51.

Monte Carlo Rally

I also remember one of the mechanics servicing boss's rally car.  It was being prepared for the Monte Carlo Rally.  I think it was a Lagonda

John Ross, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England:  June 28 + 30, 2006.




Phil Wilson

Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland also wrote on the subject of Moir & Baxter.

Phil wrote:

Baxter Family

"I notice a couple of your correspondents have mention Moir & Baxters of Comely Bank.   My mother was nanny to the children of the boss of the company, Bill Baxter, in the 60s and 70s.

I learned to ride a bike for the first time in the garden at Gogar, the then home of Mrs B's mother, Mrs Barker."

Austin 1800

"I remember around August/September 1964, when I was 11 years old, having a ride in the first Austin 1800 to arrive in Edinburgh, driven by Mr B, who was an accomplished rally driver.  The car was officially launched in October 1964.

All I really remember about the event is Bill B saying that it was the first one, that it was white and rather large, and the 'new' smell inside (plastic still covering the seats). 

I can't remember where we went on our spin. It didn't seem particularly comfortable or cosy inside, but then no British car of that price did in those days!"

"I don't know if Bill Baxter is still alive. The last I heard from him was a nice letter when my mother died in 1996."

Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland:  June 27 + September 26, 2006




Frank Rogers


Frank Rogers, who has lived in Australia since 1952, wrote:


"My first introduction to Moir & Baxter was  in June 1940 as a very young private in the R A S C.

I had been in the army for about two months and suddenly found myself moved from the heart of Birmingham to Edinburgh where I underwent a 3-month training course  at Moir & Baxter.

Now at the age of 88 I can still look back to those days.  It was not all beer and skittles.  I learned a lot about Edinburgh and Moir & Baxter in the short time I was there, and not withstanding early war time conditions I consider myself fortunate to have had the experience."

Frank Rogers, Australia:  June 20, 2008




James Allan

James Allan wrote:


"I served my time at Moir & Baxter, starting in 1960 in the paintshop.  The foreman was Joe Didcock.  I remember Tam Tibbets, George Buchanan, John Robertson, Jimmy Burns, and in the Commercials,  GUS and John Blain.

Lots of mechanics were fired by Jack Johnstone for coming back drunk and wrecking the canteen one Hogmanay.

I was indentured when I became 16 and eventually became foreman before I left circa 1971 or 1972.

James Allan, Bo'ness, West Lothian, Scotland:  January 11, 2009



Graeme Charles Munro

Adelaide, South Australia

Thank you to Graeme Charles Munro who wrote again sending me more of his recollections of working for Moir & Baxter.

Graeme wrote


"I was at Moir & Baxter in 1956.

I'm sorry that I don't recall a John Ross, but it was 58 years ago.  John said he was on the commercial side of the road.  The mechanics I remember were Andrew Jenkins, George Louden, and two others but its been too long for me to remember them.

I do remember Joe Didcock, and it doesn't surprise me he was made foreman of the paint shop."


"The mechanical foreman of my time was George Gray.  He used to own a little Austin 7 Ruby saloon

The Monty Carlo race Fiat that I bumped was one of the first cars I ever saw with overhead cams. The father owned a Bristol car, made by the Bristol Air Company.  They stopped making bombers and decided to make cars!

The Lagonda car mentioned on your site must have been later, for the next Monty Carlo race. One of your contributors talked of an Austin 1800.  It was Austin 7's, 8's, 10's, and 16's when I was at M&B.  Then just before I left, it was the new Austin Devons, Somersets, and Hampshires.  That's when it was still Austin, and not BMC."

Graeme Charles Munro, Adelaide, South Australia;  May 29, 2009




Fred Blick

Stafford, Staffordshire, England

Thank you to Fred Blick, Stafford, Staffordshire, England who wrote:

Bill Baxter

"I have been searching the web for Bill Baxter of Moir & Baxter whom I knew on National Service in the Army in about 1955.  If alive, he must be 80 like me.  (** See 'Answer' below)

He was keen on cars then.  Here is a photo of him cleaning his Austin Healy sports car, with my vintage Austin 7, 1929, behind him.  I rediscovered the photo only a year or two ago.

Bill Baxter with Austin Healey and 1939 Austin 7 ©

RASC, Farnborough

The photo was taken in front of the Officers' Mess of 2nd Battalion, RASC, Farnborough, Hampshire. I would love to let him have a copy of the photo as it will bring back many memories of our army days

Since my National Service days I have seen Bill Baxter only once and briefly - about 25 yeas ago and quite by accident in Henderson's Vegetarian Restaurant in Edinburgh, when my wife and I were there during the Festival period. He he was immediately recognizable and little changed, the same genial, easy going friend.

New Car

Bill was instrumental in my buying my first new car when in the Army in 1955, an Austin A30 from his Edinburgh family firm.   New cars were then difficult to get, believe it or not, with a long waiting list for customers.

My wife and I celebrated collecting this car (which was equipped with a heater for the first time in our experience) by turning the heat on in midsummer, thereby sweltering all the way home because we did not know how to turn it off while on the move!  Such happy and simpler days

Fred Blick, Stafford, Staffordshire, England:  August 11 + 12, 2009


Do you know if Bill Baxter is still alive, and if so, where he is living.  Please email me if you can help to answer this.  Then, I'll pass on your message to Fred Blick.

Thank you.    -  Peter Stubbs:  August 15, 2009

** Answer

Thank you to George Roy who replied:

"My late father, who originally had Roy's Garage at Abbeyhill, was a business associate of Bill Baxter (and his father).

Mr Baxter is still alive.  He, in fact, last spoke to my mother last September at the time my father sadly passed away.

Dad did a huge amount of second-hand car business from the late 1930's onwards.

When he sold his garage, around 1966, he worked as a 'permanent consultant' for Moir & Baxter, basically selling to the motor trade all the second hand cars that they took in part- exchange for new vehicles.

I remember seeing Bill Baxter at Comely Bank back in the 1960s, always with his pipe and checked suit, although I don't think I've seen him for at least 40 years."

George Roy, Hong Kong:  March 29+30, 2009

George has sent details of how to contact Bill Baxter to Fred Blick.  Fred tells me that he remembers the Bill with his pipe and and his check off duty suit from the tie when they were in the Army on National Service together in 1954-55.

Peter Stubbs:  March 30, 2009



Rob Gurney-Smith

Cheshire, England

Thank you to Rob Gurney-Smith who wrote:

Moir & Baxter Badge

"I own a 1966 Austin Cooper first supplied by Moir & Baxter.  It has the attached badge in it.  I thought this pic of it might bring back memories to some of your Moir & Baxter members.

Moir & Baxter badge on a 1966 Austin Cooper ©

The car is registered HSG13E.  It is a  red and black 998cc Cooper – BMC, delivered it to Moir & Baxter in June 1966.  Itt sat around for over a year before being sold!"

 Rob Gurney-Smith, Cheshire, England: November 14, 2009



Alex Legget

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Thank you to Alexander Legget who wrote:


"I served my apprenticeship with Moir & Baxter 1953-58 and worked as a journeyman for another 4 months before doing my National Service in the R.E.M.E.

I remember Graeme Munro who didn't finish his time there and. Charlie Hedges who was also my journeyman for a while,

Other apprentices that I remember were:

John Ovenstone

Ian Mackay

Dave Mackay

Duncan (Pinocchio) Blane

Alex McPhee

Andrew Gillon

John McLaren

Alistair Melville

Johnny Meikle

to name just a few.

I also remember:

-  Freddie Somerville

George Louden

Andrew (Geekie) Jenkins

-  Gordon Campbell

Jimmie Stobie

 Bob Allan in the machine shop in the Commercial Dept.

I married a girl Maureen Henry who worked as the telephonist for the company and we are still happily married after 52 years. We have lived in the Boston, USAarea since 1963.

If Graeme or any other employee would like to communicate by email I would be happy to hear from them."

Alex Legget, Boston, Massachusetts, USA:  March 17, 2011

Reply to Alex

If you remember Alex and would like to send a message to him, please email me, then I'll pass on your message to him.    Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  March 17, 2011



John Blain


Thank you to John Blain, who worked for Moir and Baxter for over 20 years, for sending me his memories of the company.

John is now employed by Lothian & Borders Police in Edinburgh as Senior Vehicle Examiner, responsible for taxis and private hire cars, and is due to retire on March 30, 2012.

John wrote:


"What a surprise to find this web page.  I worked for Moir and Baxter from 1961 and throughout the change of ownership until I left in 1982  I remember all the names mentioned on this page.

I remember:

Charlie Hedges.  I always knew him as Chuckie Hedges.

Jock Dutch who ran the body shop

dear old Freddie Sommerville who was my journeyman for many years

Vic Smith springs to mind.  He never liked a drink ,did he?

Bill Fowler was the workshop foreman for privates.

George Gray was the workshop foreman for commercials.  Jack McCullough, car salesman

-  Stewart Frail, Sales Manager 

-  Jack McNight who was the lubrication bay operator

Jack Jackson was the Manager.

Bob washed the cars

Billy Heathcote, who I see from time to time in Penicuik, married Sandra from the office

Charlie Greenslade was in reception and finally workshop controller.

John Blain, Edinburgh:  January 27, 2012



George Roy

Hong Kong

Thank you to to George Roy, who read the comments from John Blain, above, and replied:

George Roy

"John:  I was very interested to read your recollections and I was wondering if you knew my father (who had the same name as me) during your time at Comely Bank.

Dad used to work from an office on the first floor just above where the petrol pumps used to be, but he was rarely there, being most of the time in the workshops, over in the sales department or out testing/selling the used cars taken in part exchange.  I hate to think how many times he must have crossed that road over the years!

Dad retired in 1985, by which time everything had gone off the rails, with successive name changes to Carmichael Baxter, then Carlaw Baxter."

Other Workers

"From your list, I remember Bill Fowler, Fred Somerville and, last but not least, Stewart Frail

If I take my mind back to the 1960s and early-1970s, I recall a lot of the Moir & Baxter's salesmen, many - if not all - of whom you must remember.  Some of them used to work in the little lane just off Queensferry Street, before they all moved to Comely Bank:

Barry Gray (My mother is still in touch with him.)

Ken Riva

Bill Forker

Bruce MacLeod

Alastair Robertson

Donald McCausland

Donald McLeod

John Cowan

Fred Hubble

There were also:

Harry Allen (Accounts)

Stuart Nimmo (Budget car rentals)

and all the others whose names escape me."

George Roy, Hong Kong:  February 4, 2012



John Blain


Thank you to John Blain for replying to George Roy's comments in Recollections 11 above.

John wrote:


"Yes, I do remember George's father, vividly.  He was always a busy man, to-ing and fro-ing form one side of the street to the other.  He seemed to conduct a lot of business with a Mr Randall who frequently visited Moir and Baxter.

Mr Randall's son, incidentally, is involved in the Edinburgh taxi trade.

I remember all of the names mentioned, and it's not until they are mentioned you realise how many lives we all have touched at one time or another."

John Blain, Edinburgh:  February 21, 2012



Alan Wilson


Thank you to Alan Wilson who wrote:

Light Vehicle Workshop

"I started as a Light Vehicle Apprentice Motor Mechanic at Moir & Baxter in August 1967 completing my Apprenticeship in August 1972.  I remained employed at M&Bs until 1974. 

Happy days!

I remember

Vic Smith

Freddie Somerville

Bill Fowler

John Blain

-  Ian Grant

-  Alex Lyall

-  Ronnie Richards

-  John Fascia

The last four of these all started in the workshop around the same time as myself as Apprentices and we all pretty well lasted the course.

I also recall:

Dougie Brown

Matt Marshall

Tommy Younger

Randy Menelaws

Jimmy Hislop

Mike Craven, workshop foreman

Tubby Torrance, the Final Tester

Eric Gunn who worked closely with Bill Fowler in diagnostics

Sam Steele, Service Manager who reported to Jack JacksonWhen Sam left, he was replaced by Adam Paul."

Commercial Vehicle Workshop

"In the commercial vehicle workshop at that time were:

-  John Blain

-  Gus McPherson

-  Willie Bain

-  John (Lurch) Bell

-  George Gray

The main people in the workshop parts department were:

Norrie MacDonnell

Bill O’Brien."

Other Departments

"I’m a bit vague on most of the body and paint lads but I clearly recall:

-  Jock and Arthur Dutch

-   Morrel McKenzie, upholsterer / trimmer

-  Bob, the Washer

-  Jack McKnight in the Lube Bay.
I worked with him during the early part of my appr

Sales Teams

"I have fond memories of conversing with George Roy on numerous occasions to see what 'bargains' he had for sale.  Over a couple of years I purchased:

-  a Ford Capri 1600 GT XLR Automatic

-  a Hillman Avenger Top Hat Special Automatic

-  a Renault 16 TS

... all good 'bargains' from George.  Although always appearing to be busy, George was always straightforward, clear, concise and a pleasure to do business with - a gentleman!

I also remember meeting Barry Gray before he retired at Chathams Honda, Abbeyhill."


"I had little or no contact with 'young' Bill Baxter as 'old man Baxter' was very much in control of the business in my time.

Old man Baxter' could be extremely intimidating by his presence, everyone knew what was expected of them.  As the proprietor of a Main BMC Distributor for the South East of Scotland, he knew how to upset the bosses from the factory by parking his Porsche 911 or/and BMW 2002 in the showroom forecourt!"

After Moir & Baxter

"I went from M&Bs to become a Light Vehicle Training Instructor at MOTEC, Livingston for 10 years and was headhunted to join Kwik-Fit in 1984 were I was the National Technical Training Manager for 21 years.

I then became a self-employed Motor Vehicle Engineering Consultant which I have been doing since 2005."

Alan Wilson:  March 21, 2012




Danny Callaghan

Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Thank you to Danny Callaghan who wrote:


"The recollections above are mainly from Moir & Baxter employees.  I however was a customer.  I worked for Roneo, the office furniture people, and our vehicles were serviced there.  That's also where we got our petrol, on account, from about 1965 to 1976.

Petrol Prices

"I remember the day that petrol went up to 5/- (25p) a gallon (4.5 litres). There was almost war!

Also, as regular customers we used to have no trouble buying petrol during the 3-day week in the early 1970s.

Petrol Nozzle

"On one occasion, I went to sign for my petrol and then drove off, but I had not taken the petrol nozzle out from the van and ripped the nozzle off the hose.  Never mind; there was no damage to the van, so there was no insurance form to fill in!

Glasses and Mugs

"At that time, the petrol companies used to give tokens for glasses and mugs. etc.  I am still using some of the glasses and mugs from these days and they have no problem with the dish washer."

Danny Callaghan, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland:  March 22, 2012





Kate Buchanan

Caithness, Scotland

Thank you to Kate Buchanan who wrote:


"I wonder if anyone remembers my dad, Jack Buchanan, who was an auto electrician with Moir and Baxter and Carlaw Baxter until 1982 when we moved to Caithness He was employed by them for part of that time, but then set up as self employed, doing all his work in a wee workshop just off the main garage,  if I remember rightly?"


"I recognise many of the names from his stories and recollections, especially:

Morrel Mackenzie, who re-covered my grandfathers chair which  its still sitting in my kitchen!

Johnny Blain

-  Stewart Frail

Bill Fowler

Tubby Torrance

Randy Menelaws, and of course

-  Bill Baxter."

Jack Buchanan

"Jack is still with us.  He is a bit frail now, but is teaching his eldest grandson to drive, much to his delight..  He also got a speeding ticket in his 70s, so is pleased to be dubbed the oldest boy racer in Caithness!

I know what a big part of his life the garage was, so he'd be pleased to hear news, even though he doesn't use a computer himself."

Kate Buchanan, Caithness, Scotland:  March 29, 2012

Reply to Kate and/or Jack?

If you'd like to send a message to Kate (or to Jack via Kate) please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on Kate's address to you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  April 1, 2012




John Blain


After reading the message from Kate Buchanan in Recollections 15 above, John Blain wrote a message which I've passed on to Kate. 

Here is part of John's message to Kate.

Jack Buchanan

"What a surprise to hear of Jack after all these yearsYes, I remember him with fondness and the greatest of respectPeople often use these terms with no depth of feeling however not in this case

Jack worked in a small workshop located in the commercial vehicle repair workshop and as I was a heavy goods vehicle mechanic.  Jack and I had a lot of contact."

Ten Pin Bowling

"I was also privileged to be a member of Jack’s ten pin bowling team, playing our games at the Murrayfield Bowling Club, along with John Stirling."


"As for speeding at 70 years old, well what a surprise as Jack would never be hurried!"

John Blain, Edinburgh:  May 16, 2012




Carol Drummond
née McDonnell)

New Zealand

Thank you to Carol Drummond, New Zealand for posting a message in the EdinPhoto guestbook.

Carol wrote:

Norrie MacDonnell

"My father, Norry Macdonnell, worked for Moir & Baxter many years ago.  I was looking through these recollections and noticed that in 'Recollections 13 above', Alan Wilson mentions him.

I just want to let Alant know that Dad passed away in 2007. He had:

 5 daughters

17 grandchildren

13 Great grandchildren.

Mum, Kate, passed away in 1999."

Carol Drummond (née McDonnell), New Zealand:
message posted on EdinPhoto web site:  19 January, 2013

Hi Carol:

Thank you for taking the time to send your message above.  I've now sent an email to Alan Wilson to let him know about it.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: 22 January, 2013




Kate Bruce
née Baxter)

Hampshire, England

Thank you to Kate Bruce who wrote:

William "Bill" Baxter

"I have, by chance, fallen upon the EdinPhoto web site and found quite a few names mentioned in the recollections above that I recognise from my childhood.

Mr Baxter junior, William "Bill" Baxter was my father.

Perhaps I could add that dad moved away from Edinburgh when he was a widower.  He enjoyed 20+ years in Stirlingshire before his death, aged 83, in 2014.

I live now in Hampshire but still think of Edinburgh as 'home' ."

Kate Bruce (née Baxter), Hampshire, England:  29 January 2017




Alistair McIntyre

Thank you to Kate Bruce who wrote:

Spare Parts Department

"I worked in Moir & Baxter's Spare Parts Department for a year or so in the early 1960s.  I didn’t know any of the workers in the main garage, but I do remember ex POW Gerhardt.  I worked for him in the warehouse."

Evening at The Palladium Theatre

"While I was working for Moir & Baxter, I also worked in the Palladium Theatre, playing trumpet in the band.

When I think back I don’t know how I did all the travelling to and from West Pilton to the day job with M & B, then getting the bus home for tea, then catching the bus to the Palladium to get there in time for the first show at 6.25, then doing the 2nd House at 8.30 then getting the bus back to West Pilton.

I had to get to the theatre early on Monday nights to have a quick look through the music as they did a different show every week. After a while the theatre gave us a wage rise but said we had to attend band call on Monday mornings.

I went to the boss at M & B to ask if I could be given Monday mornings off, which of course he refused. The next Monday I went to the morning rehearsal, but when I got back to M&B,  I was called to  the manager’s office and asked why I hadn't been at work in the morning.  When I told him, he said I could collect my cards on Friday.

So that ended my 'career' as a spare parts assistant."

The Trumpet

"Over 50 years later I’m still playing the trumpet, although not professionally.  After about 3 years in the Palladium I could see that audiences were dwindling so I thought it best to get a 'proper job' before the place shut down."

My First Car

"A few years later I bought my first car, an Austin A30, but not from M & B.  My then girlfriend, now wife of over 50 years, had an uncle who had a second-hand car business in Russell Road who sold me the A30 for £150."

Does Anybody Remember Me?

"Don’t suppose anybody will remember me but it’s been good reminiscing about my early working days after leaving Leith Academy in 1960."

Alistair McIntyre:  30 January 2017

Reply to Alistair?

If you remember Alistair and would like to send a message to him, please email me to let me know, then I'll pass on his email address to you.

Thank you.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  31 January 2017




Bill Laidlaw

Thank you to Bill Laidlaw who wrote:

Apprenticeship - 1950-55

"I served my apprenticeship with Moir & Baxter from 1950 to 1955, and remember quite a few of the lads who worked there then.:

-  Jimmy Allan

-  Duncan Blane

-  Jimmy Dilasser

-  Ernie Hogg

-  McKay (foreman)

-  Dicky McKay

-  Jackie Main (tester)

-  Jonny Overstone

-  Alec Rae

-  George Raeburn

-  Freddie Somerville

-  Jimmy Stobie

-  George Louden

-  and many more."

Bill Laidlaw:  14 March 2018




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