William Henry Fox Talbot

Portraits of Talbot

Photograph of Talbot taken by John Moffat in 1864

W H F Talbot  -  May 1864

Photograph by John Moffat, Edinburgh

Fathers of Photography  -  William Henry Fox Talbot  -  One of thirteen portraits published in the Supplement to the August 1891 edition of The Practical Photographer

W H F Talbot  -  May 1864

Engraving from photograph by John Moffat

Talbot  -  Hair up, collar down

Photograph by Ivan Szabo

Hair up, collar down

Talbot  -  Hair down, collar up

Photograph by Ivan Szabo

Hair down, collar up



William Henry Fox Talbot

Photos, Sketches and Engravings

Camera Obscura as used by William Henry Fox Talbot for sketching in 1833.

Camera Obscura

Cameras used by Talbot  -  1835 to 1839

Talbot's Cameras

1835 to 1837

Cameras used by Talbot  -  1840 to 1842

Talbot's Cameras

1840 to 1842

Sketch of Lake Como in Italy by Talbot  -  October 1833

Sketch by Talbot

Shadowgraph of a leaf fern produced by Talbot in 1836

Shadowgraph by Talbot

  Talbot's Printing Establishment at Reading, photographed around 1846

Talbot's Printing Works

William Henry Fox Talbot's home, Lacock Abbey

Lacock Abbey

Print made from the oldest negative in existence  -  The Latticed Window at Lacock Abbey, photographed by Talbot in 1835

Latticed Window

William Henry Fox Talbot   - Portrait 1842

Portrait  -  1842

William Henry Fox Talbot   -  Talbot's Daughters

Talbot's daughters

William Henry Fox Talbot  -  Lacock Abbey Coachman

Lacock Abbey Coachman

William Henry Fox Talbot's Half-Sister

Talbot's half-sister


William Henry Fox Talbot

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