Heriot's Hospital


Engraving from Modern Athens - published 1829

Heriot's Hospital  -  view from Edinburgh Castle on Castle Hill

Engraving from 'Modern Athens'  -  hand-coloured  -  Heriot's Hospital

  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Ian Smith


Drawn by Thomas H Shepherd

Engraved by W Watkins


Heriot's Hospital

Here is a view of George Heriot's School, looking to the south from Edinburgh Castle, over the Grassmarket in the valley towards the school.  Heriot's Hospital (now Heriot's School) is about a quarter of a mile from Edinburgh Castle.

There are many paintings, engravings and photographs of Heriot's school.  One of its earliest photographers was William Henry Fox Talbot, on a visit to Edinburgh in the early 1840s.

George Heriot, goldsmith to James VI, left funds in 1623 for the endowment of a Hospital for "maintenance, relief and bringing up" of poor fatherless boys , freemen's sons of  the town.

George Heriot died in 1624.  The building was finally completed in 1660 at a cost of 27,000.

[Modern Athens]

The building is still the home of Heriot's School.  It now has many more than its original 30 pupils.



Engravings from Modern Athens  -  Published 1829

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