Postcard by PA Buchanan & Co

 Royal High School

Regent Road, Edinburgh

Royal High School, Edinburgh  -  Library

Postcard by PA Buchanan & Co  -  St Hilda's School, Liberton  -  Dining Room, Junior House

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Royal High School

The Postcard

This postcard is by Buchanan & Co, Croydon, England, a company that produced many postcards of schools, including several in Edinburgh.

It has not been sent through the post.

Here is another postcard of the Royal High school, published by PA Buchanan:

Postcard by PA Buchanan & Co  -  Royal High School, Edinburgh  -  Is it the Art Classroom?

The Royal High School

This picture shows the interior of the Royal High School on Regent Road.

Engraving of the Royal High School  -  Published in Germany




This room looks to me as if it may be the school Library, but if you know different, please e-mail me

Postcard by PA Buchanan & Co  -  Royal High School, Edinburgh  -  Is it the Library?


Answer 1

from Phil Wilson

Thank you to Phil Wilson, Aberdeen, who replied a couple of hours after I added the picture to the web site, confirming that the room was indeed the school's Library.

with acknowledgement to Phil Wilson:  January 8, 2007

Answer 2

from Brian Gourlay

Thank you to Brian Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire, who wrote:

"Your recent pictures of the Royal High, particularly the library, brought back many memories.

During the sixth year we spent our so-called free periods in the library allegedly studying or revising. This was supposed to be undertaken in near to total silence, speaking only in whispers.

Occasionally, we'd get carried away, all too loudly discussing the hot topics of the moment.  If this went on too long, the Rector would sometimes burst angrily from his room next door, robe flowing, hands waving, to to read the lesson to the offenders.

We all knew that pushing it too far risked a visit next door for an encounter with the tawse."

Brian Gourlay, Biggar, Lanarkshire:  January 15, 2007


Royal High School

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