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Here are three views of Swanston, a village in the Pentland Hills, about 5 miles to the South of the centre of Edinburgh.  These three views, by James Patrick, were all published as part of his Castle Series of post cards.

The Farm House, Swanston

Post Card - The Farm House, Swanston - by James Patrick

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Evening Meal, Swanston

Post Card - Evening Meal, Swanston - By James Patrick

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The "Roaring Shepherds" Cottage, Swanston

Post Card - The "Roaring Shepherds" Cottage, Swanston - by James Patrick

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Kay Irish

Veneta, Oregon, USA

Kay Irish saw James Patrick's postcards of Swanston above and was particularly interested in the third one:

The "Roarin Shepherd's" Cottage.

Kay wrote:

The Roarin Shepherd's Cottage.

"John Todd was The Roarin' Shepherd.  He was my great great grandfather.

John's son, William, lived at North Esk Reservoir, where he was Pond Keeper.  William was my great grandfather.

William's son, David, was my grandfather.  He moved to Seattle, Washington in the US as a young man. in the early 1910s."

Kay Irish:  Veneta, Oregon, USA  July 11 + 14, 2013



Kay Irish

Veneta, Oregon, USA

I asked Kay if she knew how the "Roarin Shepherd" got his name.

Kay replied:

The Roarin Shepherds

"Yes, I do know why he was called 'The Roarin' Shepherd'.  There are a number of tales about his loud voice and colorful language.  People could hear him from a long distance when he was out with his sheep.

Robert Louis Stevenson

"Robert Louis Stevenson spent some time at Swanston while staying with his relatives that lived in the big house there. I think it was his uncle and his uncle may have been the minister there.   (Please see Comment 3 below.)

Robert Louis Stevenson followed my great-great-grandfather about., and even wrote some things about him."

Kay Irish, Veneta, Oregon, USA:  July 14, 2013



Peter Stubbs


Kay Irish referred to Robert Louis Stevenson above.

Robert Louis Stevenson

"Robert Louis Stevenson certainly visited Swanston and stayed in the big house, as Kay mentions.

However, I believe that his uncle, the Minister David Balfour, was not at Swanston but at nearby Colinton Church.

Robert Louis Stevenson spent a lot of time in the Manse at Colinton and played on (and wrote a verse about) his swing in the yew tree in the Manse garden.

The tree still stands there.  I photographed it recently as one of my photos of trees around Edinburgh, but have not yet found the time to add the photo to the EdinPhoto web site.

Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh:  July 15, 2013



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