James McIntosh



There was also a James McIntosh Patrick (b.1907; d. around 1998)
Was he related to James Patrick and John Patrick above?


A close friend of James McIntosh Patrick could not answer this question but sent me the comments below:

"James McIntosh Patrick was arguably Scotland's foremost landscape painter in recent times.  His output was legendary.  No one knows how many pictures he painted.

The McManus Gallery in Dundee has a number, plus the catalogue of his retrospective exhibition on his eightieth birthday, and there must be hundreds of originals in and around Dundee. 

His paintings are in collections all over the world, including members of the Royal Family, the RA, the Royal Scottish Academy etc.  I do not know whether he was related to your James Patrick, but I do know his father was an architect and a painter. His daughter Ann (also a  painter of note) lives in Arbroath and his son Andrew runs the Fine Art Society in London.

James McIntosh Patrick never even owned a camera"

[JB - Nov 01]


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