Engraving by Ebsworth

Howie's Rooftop Studio

Ebsworth’s view to the North from the Scott Monument Gallery  -  1845

View to the North from Scott Monument  -  Ebsworth engraving

©  Reproduced by courtesy of Edinburgh City Libraries and Information Services


Engraving by Ebsworth

Howie's Rooftop Studio

James Howie's studio at 45 Princes Street is in the lower centre of this picture.

This is the right hand half of an engraving from an ink and watercolour painting, made in 1845 by Joseph Woodfall Ebsworth (1824-1908).  He produced four images, looking north, south, east and west from here.  This is the only one to have been engraved.  

This view looks to the north across Princes Street and up South Saint David Street towards St Andrew’s Square, from the newly constructed Scott Monument.  .

A row of buildings facing St Andrew Square runs along the centre of the picture, in the shade.  Three of these buildings have skylights.  The central one of these three is 5 St Andrew Square – The National Bible Society’s Rooms.  This is where Edinburgh Photographic Society held most of its meetings from 1863 to 1885.

Please click here to view  an enlargement of the section of the engraving containing Howie's rooftop studio.


More Views by Ebsworth

Views from the Scott Monument

The engraving above is based on one of four views of Edinburgh from the Scott Monument, produced shortly after the Monument opened in the 1840s.

Ebsworth's views are:

Looking north


15 September 1845

Looking south


May 1847

Looking east


August 1847

Looking west


August 1847

The last of these is an impressive view of soldiers parading down The mound and into Princes Street.