James Howie


James Howie (c1845-1910)   appears to have been the last in a line of the Howie photographers working in Princes Street. 

He appears to have run the studio at 60 Princes Street after the death of his father, continuing to run the studio in the name of his father, James Howie Junior.  [Yes, it does become confusing!]  The studio remained open until 1896.

Question 1

I also have two Howie cartes de visite from outside Edinburgh.  They are:

(a)  J Howie Jun:  60 Princes Street Edinburgh AND 51 Buchanan Street, Glasgow

(b)  J Howie:         Photographic Artist, Cottage Place, Broughty Ferry. 

The trade directories list a photographer named James Howie with studio at:

-  1861-67:  166 Perth Street, Dundee
-  1867:       King Street, Broughty Ferry

Which Howie is this likely to be?

Question  2

What was the change that caused the company to trade under the name of James Howie, rather than James Howie jun. from 1889 until 1896?  Was there, perhaps a 4th James Howie who arrived and wished to trade under his own name?



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