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Carte de Visite

I have a Thomas Douglas carte de visite, illustrated below, which has these addresses on the back:

PRINTED:                 Thomas H Douglas

-  1 Hanover Street

-  Chamberlain Road, Morningside, Edinburgh

RUBBER STAMP:  J (or possibly T) Douglas & Son

-  145 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

A carte de visite by the Edinburgh professional photographer Thomas H Douglas, which also has a Glasgow address on the back        The back of a carte de visite by the Edinburgh professional photographer Thomas H Douglas, which also has a Glasgow address on the back                               

What was the connection between Thomas H Douglas and J (or T?) Douglas & Son, Glasgow, that caused both names to appear on the same carte de visite?

John Douglas


John Douglas was a portrait painter and photographer.  His photographic studio was at:

-  145 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow  (1857-75)

-  108 Renfield Street, Glasgow  (1876-83)

-  425 Sauchiehall Street  (1886)

From 1866 onwards the business became John Douglas & Son
Photographers of Lanarkshire to 1914 compiled by D Richard Torrance

From 1868 onwards the business became J Douglas & Sons
RPS PhotoHistorian Supplement: "Victorian & Edwardian Photographers in Glasgow Editor: Michael Hallett

John Douglas

Glasgow  -  1861 census

The 1861 census for 33 St Georgia Road Glasgow shows:

-  John Douglas, 48 Portrait painter, photographer, born Cotton, Clackmannan

SON:  Watten* Douglas, 25 photographer, born Old Cumnock, Ayrshire

SON:  John Douglas, 19 photographer, born Old Cumnock, Ayrshire

The census also includes details for three other sons (not photographers):  Thomas, 19;  Robert, 15; William, 11.

*  This is a mistake.  The name should be Walter, not Watten

J Douglas & Son(s)


Who were the sons in the business?

At the time of the 1881 census, six of John Douglas' children were living with him at 108 Renfield Street, his studio address.  Two were described as photographers.  They were William aged 32 and Arthur aged 24.

However, the 'Son' in the business in 1866 appears to have been another of John's sons, Walter Douglas.
Andy Gibson tells me that Walter Douglas was the first of John Douglas' children.
Andy agrees that it is likely that Walter would have been the 'Son' in John Douglas' business.
Andy Gibson is g.g.g.grandson of John Douglas
January 20, 2006

Walter  died in 1868 at 145 Sauchiehall Street, the studio address.
Andy Gibson

William may well have  been one of the 'Sons' in the business from 1868, but who was the other then. 1860s, but Arthur would only have been aged 11 then.

William Douglas


William Douglas opened his own studio, briefly, in Glasgow after the studio of J Douglas & Sons closed.  The trade directories list:

1887-88:  William Douglas:  51 Buchanan St   AND   46 Mitchell St.

Thank you to Annie, Australia for confirming that the first of these addresses was a business address and the second, a home address.

NOTE FOR ANNIE (Australia)

Sally E Douglas would like you to contact her.  If you read this and would like to contact her, please email me, then I'll pass on her email address to you.

- Peter Stubbs:  December 6, 2008




Sally Douglas

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Thank you to Sally Douglas for sending me the following details about John Douglas who had a studio in Glasgow.

Sally wrote

John Douglas

"Here are two pages with illustrations of John Douglas' carteds de visite taken at his Glasgow studio.

John Douglas: Page 1           John Douglas: Page 2

These pages come from 'TheLows Madasafish' web site."

Sally E Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  December 23, 2012 (2 emails!)



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