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I have found it quite confusing attempting to discover what  relationships existed between the many artists and photographers named Douglas.  Here is what I have discovered to date, with the help of a number of emails that I have received.

Please let me know if you can tell me anything more about any of the following, or the relationships between them.

So far, these are the Douglas photographers, artists and engravers that I have found.  Please scroll down the page or click on one of the links below to read more.

Thomas Harigad Douglas  Edinburgh, Photographer and Artist

Douglas, Edinburgh  Edinburgh, Photographer

J Douglas & Sons  Glasgow, Photographer

J & R Douglas  Edinburgh, Photographers

James Douglas  Edinburgh, Artist

J Douglas  Artist

Miss M B Douglas  Edinburgh, Photographer

William Douglas  Edinburgh, Photographer

William Douglas  Edinburgh, Engraver

William Douglas RSA  Edinburgh, Artist

W F Douglas  Edinburgh, Artist

Gabriel Douglas  Muirkirk, Ayrshire

John Douglas  Dollar, photographer, artist

J Douglas & Son  Helensburgh photographers

J Douglas & Son  Glasgow photographers

Arthur Douglas  Glasgow photographer

William Douglas  Glasgow photographer

John Douglas  Dollar, Photographer, Artist

James Douglas  Kilmarnock, Artist

Edwin James Douglas  Edinburgh, Artist

Guendolen Blanche Douglas  Painter

Marguerite Lora Douglas  Painter

Georgina Douglas  Helensburgh, Artist

John Douglas  Glasgow + Ayrshire, Artist

Thomas H Douglas  Glasgow, Artist

Andrew Douglas  Edinburgh, Animal and Landscape Painter

Archibald Ramsay Douglas  Edinburgh, Miniature Painter

Edwin James Douglas  Edinburgh, Painter


Thomas Harigad Douglas
Edinburgh, Photographer

Thomas Harigad Douglas was an exhibitor in 3rd PSS Exhibition, 1858.

He was Professional Photographer, Edinburgh
-  Studio at Chamberlain Road, 1868-71
-  Studio at 1 Hanover Street 1870-71.

A carte de visite by the Edinburgh professional photographer Thomas H Douglas  -  young man with a book    The back of a  carte de visite by the Edinburgh professional photographer Thomas H Douglas  -  young man with a book

He advertised portraits, including equestrian.

Was Thomas Harigad Douglas related to John Douglas, or to any of the other Douglas photographers artists or engravers below?

Sally E Douglas wrote:

Thomas Harigad Douglas

"Thomas Harigad Douglas may have been a nephew of John Douglas 1813.  

He may have been a son of:

-  EITHER:  Robert Douglas 1815 Dollar, Clackmannan

OR:  George Douglas c1820 Old Cumnock, Ayrshire."

Sally Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia:  December 21, 2006



Douglas, Edinburgh
Edinburgh, Photographer

Douglas, Edinburgh, produced many stereo views of Edinburgh.

Stereo view by Douglas  -  Edinburgh Castle from Johnson Terrace

The company produced cartes de visite of Edinburgh, including High School and Heriot's Hospital

They also used the names 'Douglas Photographer' and 'Douglas Photo Edinburgh'

Was this Thomas Harigad Douglas' company?


Thomas Harigad Douglas
Edinburgh, Artist

Thomas HarigadDouglas was listed in the 1881 Census includes , aged 45,  living at 6 Pitt Street, Edinburgh with wife and seven children.


J Douglas & Sons
Glasgow, Photographer

-  Professional photographers, Glasgow.

-  His address is stamped in ink on the  back of one of Thomas H Douglas's cartes de visite

The back of a carte de visite by the Edinburgh professional photographer Thomas H Douglas, which also has a Glasgow address on the back

What was his name?  What were his sons' names?
How were they all related to Thomas H Douglas?

John Douglas

I was unsure whether the initial on the rubber stamp above was J or T Douglas. 

However, Sally E Douglas wrote:

"The old English text above I think illustrates that it is J Douglas & Son not T Douglas & Son; and this is reinforced by Census Records of John Douglas at this address".

Sally Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  December 21, 2006



J & R Douglas
Edinburgh, Photographers

-  Professional photographers, Edinburgh, 1868-70.

-  Studio at 1 Hanover Street, 1872.  The same address as Thomas H Douglas' studio, 1871-72

Who were they?  How were they related to Thomas H Douglas?

Thank you to Sally E Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, whose great-grandfather, Gabriel b.1822, was brother of the Edinburgh artist and professional photographer, John Douglas b.1813, for making the following suggestions:

Sally wrote:

J & R Douglas

Sally E Douglas, whose great-grandfather, Gabriel b.1822, was brother of John Douglas b.1813, wrote:

"EITHER (likely?):
 J & R Douglas may have been John Douglas
c1844 Old Cumnock, Ayrshire and Robert Douglas c1846 Ireland.  These were the two sons of  John Douglas b.1813.

OR (less likely?):
 J & R Douglas may have been Robert Kerr Douglas
c1839 Greenock, Renfrewshire and John Douglas c1846 Hamilton, Lanarkshire.  These were two of the three sons of Walter Douglas 1811, Dollar, Clackmannon, a brother of John Douglas 1813 and Gabriel Douglas 1822."

Sally Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  December 21, 2006



James Douglas
Edinburgh, Artist

James Douglas was portrait painter, picture liner and restorer, 1835-55

Jim Butt, Alberta, Georgia, USA, wrote:

James Douglas

"There is an oil painting, of a lady with a landscape background, c1750. currently (May 2004) offered for sale for US$11,500 on the goantiques web site (item 100114). 

The label on the back of the picture says:  "James Douglas, picture liner, cleaner, restorer, 9 Hill Square, Edinburgh."  The seller believes that the James Douglas lined and reframed the picture in the mid-19th century."



J Douglas

Andrew Simpson, Marlborough, Wiltshire wrote in June 2006:

J Douglas

"I recently  bought an oval watercolour, described as 'portrait of an elderly gentleman', 8" x 7" approximately, signed 'J. Douglas', framed (not recently) in Manchester.

The old gentleman looks to me to be late 19th/early 20th century. Resembles Thomas Hardy, I think:  balding, bespectacled (pince-nez,  actually), moustached, goatee-bearded. 

Head and shoulders only. Deep blue jacket, pink flower in buttonhole. White shirt (wing collar), blue tie of some sort.

I am  trying to research the picture. If  you  could help,  or point me in the direction of enlightenment, I would be most grateful."

Was this a James Douglas (above/below) or a John Douglas (below)?


Miss M B Douglas
Edinburgh, Photographer

She exhibited 9 wet collodian photos in 9th PSS Exhibition, 1864, under the name MBD


William Douglas
Edinburgh, Photographer

He was based at Douglas's Photographic Studios, Edinburgh

Where and when?


William Douglas
Edinburgh, Engraver

William Douglas RSA
Edinburgh, Artist

W F Douglas
Edinburgh, Artist

-  William Douglas was engraver 1837-74

-  William Douglas RSA was portrait painter 1854-59.

-  W F Douglas RSA was Historical Painter.

    His address was 140 Princes Street, 1857 and 21 Coates Crescent, 1876


Gabriel Douglas
Muirkirk, Ayrshire

John Douglas
Dollar, photographer, artist

Sally E Douglas e-mailed a document to me on December 4, 2006, listing over 150 members of the Douglas family.  Sally sent this document to me on December 1, 2006 after being in contact with Andy Gibson,

-   Sally's great grand-father Gabriel Douglas Watchmaker & Jeweller, b.1822 Muirkirk, Ayrshire, was a brother of John Douglas, photographer and portrait painter.

-    Andy is g.g.g.grandson of John Douglas, b. 1813 Dollar, Clackmannon.

I have kept a copy of the document, but have not studied it to see if it answers any of the questions above.

If you would like to take up this challenge, please e-mail me and I will let you have a copy of  the document.



J Douglas & Son
Helensburgh photographers

J Douglas & Son
Glasgow photographers

These two partnerships were in fact the same 'father and son' partnership.  They moved from one address to the other.  John Douglas was the father and Walter Douglas was the son

The discussions above continued between Duncan Forbes at the National Gallery of Scotland, Sally E Douglas and Andy Gibson.

 Andy Gibson wrote on December 7, 2006:

J Douglas & Son

"I'm following up a recent email from Sally Douglas.

I can confirm that the 'J. Douglas & Son, Seafield Place, West Bay, Helensburgh' is the same as per 145 Sauchiehall St., and 108 Renfield St.

The 'Son' is John's eldest son Walter (1835-1868)

The only evidence that I have for the Helensburgh address is that on Walter's eldest child Catherine's Birth Certificate (8 May 1863), Walter's business address is  'Seafield Place, West Bay, Helensburgh', although Catherine was actually born at home in Glasgow."



Arthur Douglas
Glasgow photographer

William Douglas
Glasgow photographer

Arthur and William were sons of John Douglas living with John and listed as photographers in the 1881 Census.


Further Reply

Sally Elizabeth Douglas

Thank you to Sally Elizabeth Douglas for writing again.

After researching the 1861 and 1871 censuses, Sally reached a few conclusions about what appears to have been a rather complex family tree.  Sally wrote:


Douglas Brothers

"Robert, John jnr and Thomas Lorimer Douglas were brothers.

-  Robert and John jnr Douglas were photographers.

-  Thomas Lorimer Douglas was an Accountant.

- Thomas Harigard Douglas was not closely related but worked for the Douglas photography business' ie John Douglas and son."

Thomas Harigad Douglas

"Thomas Harigad Douglas was not related closely to my Douglas family.  He obviously worked with John Douglas 1813 of Dollar, Clackmannan and his sons who were Painters and Photographers, as a carte de visite Photographer in Glasgow.

Thomas was also involved with his own Photographic studios in Edinburgh and Leith and he was also a Writer and Searcher of Public Records - following in the footsteps of his father Major James Torry Douglas 1751 Craufordmuir, Peebles who was also Searcher of Public records."

Helensburgh Studio

"John Douglas 1813 and his sons also had a studio at Helensburgh, Dunbartonshire.

John Douglas 1813 and his wife Mary Lorimer had 6 sons and it appears that 5 of them were Artists, Photographic Artists and Photographers - Walter, John, Robert, William and Arthur Lorimer. They strongly identified as being Artists and Photographic Artists."

Edinburgh Studio Studio

"It is thought likely that two of the sons of John Douglas - John and Robert - also had a Photographic studio in partnership in Edinburgh as 'J and R Douglas'.  It appears highly probable that Thomas Harigad Douglas also worked closely with this Douglas family in Edinburgh.

The other son of John Douglas and Mary Lorimer - Thomas Lorimer Douglas became an Accountant and Insurance Agent."

Sally Douglas, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia:  2 April 2019 (2 emails)






John Douglas
Dollar, Photographer, Artist

James Douglas
Kilmarnock, Artist

Edwin James Douglas
Edinburgh, Artist

Georgina Douglas
Helensburgh, Artist


John Douglas
Glasgow + Ayrshire, Artist

Thomas Harigad Douglas
Glasgow, Artist

Andrew Douglas
Edinburgh, Animal + Landscape Painter

Archibald Ramsay Douglas
Edinburgh , Miniature Painter

Harry Douglas
Edinburgh, Painter

William Douglas
Edinburgh + Fife, Miniature Painter

William Fettes Douglas
Edinburgh + Fife, Miniature Painter

Sally E Douglas sent me a further e-mail on December 12, 2006, from which I have compiled this part of the Douglas Family Tree.  It includes some of the artists in the family.

Please click on this family tree for brief details of these people and others.

Part of the Douglas family tree, including several artists.



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