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Thomas Annan exhibited landscapes and portraits in several PSS exhibitions.  He also exhibited in the EPS Exhibition 1876.


3rd PSS Exhibition, Dec 1858

He exhibited 13 collodion photographs.  Most were portraits, some were landscapes and some were copies of pictures. 

4th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1859

He exhibited photographs at the 4th PSS Exhibition.   He offered these for sale at prices ranging from 3/- to £3 3s 0d each.


6th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1861

He exhibited 7 frames of landscapes of the West of Scotland, all by the tannin process.    He wrote:

"This is the first year I have tried a dry process.  And for the sake of convenience it is preferable to the wet collodion, but I think that is all it has to boast of.  I am very unsatisfied with my" own  contributions to the Exhibition this year, and I merely send them as specimens of the tannin process."      [Letter Thomas Annan to PSS]

His photograph of Loch Penza won a the Silver Medal for the best landscape in the exhibition.


7th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1863

Thomas Annan sent 7 framed photographs.  He did not win a Medal, but his entry was praised by the judges.  On receiving his photographs back from the exhibition,  he wrote:

"I don’t feel in the least disappointed for not getting a medal.  I had very little time for landscape work last year, and I think I have got more praise than I deserve.

I have not a good “carte” of myself.  I had to give up taking portraits last year in consequence of my premises being too small.

I have now erected printing premises in the neighborhood of Glasgow, and will get my portrait room in order again.  I will send you my portrait when I get it taken."    [Letter:  Thomas Annan to PSS - 13/4/1863


8th PSS Exhibition, Feb 1864

He exhibited 9 photographs.  Some subjects were identified -these included Ravenscraig Castle, Cora Castle, and Melrose.  Others were not - for example, A Dell without a Name and Scottish Peasantry.

His photograph Willows by the Water Courses was printed from two negatives. 

9th PSS Exhibition, Dec 1864

He exhibited 17 collodion photographs.  Most were Scottish landscapes, including Bothwell Castle, Bothwell Church, Dumbarton Castle, Killochan Castle, Bonnington Linn and several Cadzow Forest


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