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James Craig Annan


James Craig Annan was the second son of Thomas Annan.

James Craig Annan was a renowned pictorial and portrait photographer.  He was accepted into the ôLinked Ring, a select group of photographers who promoted art photography, in 1894.

James Craig Annan revived interest in the Hill & Adamson calotypes by making gravure prints from their work.   Some of these gravures were published by Alfred Steiglitz in 'Camera Works' in 1905, 1909 and 1912.

Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow

In the late 1860s, James Craig Annan's father had taken a set of photos of the  Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow, recording the housing conditions in the city at the time.

James Craig Annan made a set of photogravure prints from these images.  They were published by T & R Annan in 1900.


James Craig Annan

Lectures given to Edinburgh Photographic Society

4 Dec 1901

The Arts of Engraving

4 May 1910

Photography as a Means of Artistic Expression  [illustd]

The Annan Family

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Old Streets and Closes of Glasgow  -  Background

Old Streets and Closes of Glasgow  -  Photogravures