1914 Members' Exhibition


Dates and Admission Charges

The exhibition was held from Saturday 21 November to Saturday 5 December.

Admission 6d - the same price as was charged in the 1860s!

It was reported in the EPS Transactions [Nov 1914] that the well known photographic artist, T C  Mortimer, had kindly consented to let the Society have a loan of his collection of his Marine and Naval Pictures, and that this should prove a great attraction to the Public and help secure a large attendance.

Sections of the Exhibition

The exhibition was divided into seven sections, the same categories as for the 1913 Members' Exhibition.  It was announced in November in the Transactions of the EPS that a further class had been added to the exhibition to encourage non-exhibition workers.

Novice Class:   to embrace those members who have never won an award at any exhibition.  (This is to be part of Section I a.)

The EPS Transactions added:

"It is earnestly hoped everyone will do something to help because the proceeds are to go to the Belgian Relief Fund."

"It may be pointed out to our members , many of whom have travelled with their cameras in various parts of the War Area that photographs of the different beleaguered cities, such as Louvain, Bruges, Dinant, Brussels, Antwerp, &c. will be of much interest at this particular time, even if not of great pictorial value. 

A good entry of such pictures will contribute to the success of the Exhibition."

[Transactions of the Edinburgh Photographic Society, November 1914, p3]

Exhibition Lectures

Exhibition Lectures were well attended.  There were two lectures, both illustrated by lantern slides

Reptiles -  by Professor Leighton

Spain and Morocco -  by Rev Dr R Dykes Shaw


The judges were:

-  Hippolyte J Blanc

-  W Crooke

-  J B Johnston

Open Exhibitions and Members' Exhibitions

With the outbreak of the War in 1914, this was the last Members' Exhibition to be held until 1920.

However, there was to be a separate sections for Novices in the 1915 Open Exhibition and sections for Novices and EPS Members' prints in the exhibitions from 1916 to 1919.

Proceeds to the Belgian Relief Fund

EPS Council decided that all profit from the exhibition should be handed over to the Belgian Relief Fund, and that in order to make as large a sum as possible, a nominal charge of 6d should be made for admission to the Exhibition.

Between 16 and 17 raised by the exhibition.




I a


Landscapes and Other Subjects  [ADVANCED]

Medal:  F S Gregory  The Tin Ghaut -  Whitby

Medal:  R Douglas Croll   A Cottage - Salton

Hon Mention:  J W Thomson   At Dusk of Day

Hon Mention:  Arch J Cameron    Newhaven

Hon Mention:  Arch J Cameron    Sunshine and Shadow


Landscapes, Seascape, &c.  [NOVICE]

Medal:  James Henderson  Evening on Loch Rannoch

Hon Mention:  Hamilton Keen   On the Earn, Crief

I b


Portraiture and Figure Studies  [ADVANCED]

Medal:  Fred S Gregory  Cronies

Hon Mention:  Miss Olive Edis   A Portrait

Hon Mention:  Archibald J Cameron   The Babes

Hon Mention:  Mrs Westergaard   Manna

Hon Mention:  Mrs Westergaard   Dudda


Portraiture and Figure Studies  [NOVICE]

Medal:  G D Steedman  A Wee Rogue

Hon Mention:  Miss M A Marshall   In the Garden

Hon Mention:  Miss N Duncan   Friends


Architectural Subjects



Survey Photographs of Edinburgh and District

Blanc Prize:  J R Hamilton

Blanc Prize:  J C McKechnie



Natural History, Geology, Botany, Astronomy, &c.

Medal:  J C McKechnie   Biddy and Pat

Hon Mention:  A Wallace   Starboard

Hon Mention:  J F Duthie   Polar Bears at Play


Subjects in Motion

Medal:  J F Duthie    The Hurdle Race


Colour Work

Medal:  J Russell    Meadowlands  (Autochrome)

Medal:  Miss Olive Edis    Portrait  (Autochrome)

Hon Mention:  James Hay   Still Life

Hon Mention:  Miss Olive Edis    Mr Rice


Lantern Slides

Medal:  W Lawson   York, 10.30pm  Sept

Medal:  Hugh S Ingram   Moorland Drumgask

Medal:  D W Thomson   Lightning Flash,  Arbroath,  10pm

Hon Mention:  W Lawson   Edinburgh,  12pm

Hon Mention:  G H Hanlin   The Breadwinner

Hon Mention:  J C McKechnie    Snowy Egret

The exhibition notice advised that:

-  in Sections I and VII, pictorial excellence will be the first consideration.

-  in all other Sections the greatest consideration will be given to technical excellence.

[Transactions of Edinburgh Photographic Society:  December 1914,  pp.4-7.]


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