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Newhaven Police Box

I recently added some photos of the old Police Box beside Newhaven Harbour to the EdinPhoto web site.

Police Box at Newhaven Harbour  -  May 2008 ©

Two days later, Irene Day (née Sharrock) sent the message below:





Irene Day (née Sharrock)

Leith, Edinburgh

Irene wrote

Market Buffet

"My father had a Café in Pier Place Newhaven called the Market Buffet, more or less opposite the police box shown."


Police Box

"Roughly between 1950 and 1960 the police box was manned by an officer called Bill Thompson. 

He was well known round Newhaven, and he was known as 'Big Bill the Policeman'."



"Does anybody remembers Big Bill or the Market Buffet Café?"


Irene Day (née Sharrock):  Wigan, Lancashire, England:  May 18, 2008




Walter Lyle Hume

Cowes, Isle of Wight, England

Walter wrote

Market Buffet

"Being one of elder generation, I certainly do remember the Market Buffet, and the Market Police who were all acknowledged as being first class filleters.

The Buffet used to be very busy with Market people.   It used to be run by the McColl family. Isa was a neighbour of ours in Craighall Crescent.

My Aunt, Annie Wilson Hume, lived in the house above, though the entrance was in Lamb's Court, immediately to the right between the Buffet and the Fishermen's Society barometer in the wall.

As a youngster, I used to sit at the middle window and watch the herring boats in the harbour.

My grandfather and family, Trawler Owners and Fish Salesmen, had offices in the Market so we got to know the area very well."


Walter also sent this photograph of Newhaven Market Buffet, taken from his family collection.

The Market Buffet, Newhaven  -  photograph possibly taken around 1965.

©  Reproduced with acknowledgement to Walter Lyle Hume, Cowes, Isle of Wight, England

Walter wrote:

"This photo was possibly taken around 1965.  The Buffet looks boarded up -  or is that anti-vandal shutters?"

Walter Lyle Hume, Cowes, Isle of Wight, England:  May 20, 2008




Andrew Paterson

Borders, Scotland

Thank you to Andrew Paterson who wrote:

Market Buffet

    The Market Buffet, Newhaven  -  photograph possibly taken around 1965. ©

"At around the date of this photo, around 1965 I sometimes had lunch at the Market Buffet in preference to school dinners.

There was also an upstairs lunchroom at the junction of St Andrew Square and Main Street, Newhaven.  I preferred it, as it was less busy than the Market Buffet."

Andrew Paterson, Borders, Scotland, March 31, 2014




Gary Galbraith

Thank you to Gary Galbraith who wrote:


"I was born in Newhaven in 1958, I attended Victoria School until we were moved out to West Granton when the village was demolished, a move I regret to this day."

Police Box

Police Box at Newhaven Harbour  -  May 2008 ©

"Anyoo, in 1965, I was taken down to the Police Box beside the harbour at Newhaven by my mother and reported to Sandy Guild PC109D for pinching pencils out of the school.

He gave me a stern look and a dressing down then locked me in the police box for five minutes.  It was the longest five minutes of my life and it taught me a lesson I never forgot."

Police Force

"Well, the years passed and in 1976 I joined the Police Force as PC107D and was assigned to Leith Police Station. I ended up being the Beat Polis for Newhaven and was known as 'Geordie Galbraith's Grandson' by the elder members of the community.

This Police Box was known as 'Box 6' out of a total of twelve Police Boxes in Leith, starting 'Box 1' at the Shore going up to 'Box 12' up past Cadzow Place, near Meadowbank."

Gary Galbraith:  April 10. 2014




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