Photographs by

Kenneth Field Balmain



This photograph of children in the sea at North Berwick, on the shore of the Firth of Forth to the East of Edinburgh comes from the Yerbury Collection.  It may well have been taken by Balmain.

North Berwick - photograph possibly by Balmain

  Reproduced by courtesy of the Yerbury family.   Click here for link to web site.

Kenneth Field Balmain, son of James CH Balmain and brother of George Halyburton Balmain had a studio in North Berwick in 1914.

The Balmain photographic business was taken over by Yerbury in 1958.

Model Yacht

Here are a couple more photos by K F Balmain, sent to me by Walter Lyle Hume, now living in Cowes, Isle of Wight, England.

Photograph taken by K F Balmain in North Berwick  -  Three children and a model yacht    Photograph taken by K F Balmain in North Berwick  -  Three children and a model yacht

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James Charles Halyburton Balmain
Photographer with studio in Edinburgh



Balmain Family

JCH Balmain  -  recreation

JCH Balmain  -  photography

George Haliburton Balmain

Studio addresses and dates

Cramond *

Maule's Department Store *

North Berwick  seaside *

North Berwick  model yacht

North Bridge elephant parade  

Princes Street  West End  

Princes Street  East End  

St Giles Cathedral *

Portrait  Wood Family 

 * Possibly by Balmain: found in the Yerbury Collection.
   The Balmain business was
taken over by Yerbury.


Pencil Portrait



Kenneth Field Balmain
Photographer who lived in North Berwick, East Lothian, Scotland

Son of James CH Balmain

Photographs of Edinburgh and North Berwick