Moubray House

Next door to John Knox House in Edinburgh's Royal Mile

All the views below are of John Knox House, the house that juts out into the Royal Mile.

Immediately to the left of John Knox House as we look at these pictures is Moubray House, built around 1603.

It can be seen clearly on the postcard below, with its gable on the front of the building, 'HOTEL' written on the side of the gable and staircase leading down towards the well in  the Royal Mile.



Hartmann Real Glossy Tartan Series Postcard  -  Sepia with Edinburgh Coat of Arms  -  John Knox House


John Knox House

and Edinburgh Coat of Arms



Photographs by Alex A Inglis  -  John Knox House, Edinburgh Royal Mile


Alex A Inglis


Stereo Card

Stereoscopic View by Valentine  -  John Knox House in the Royal Mile

James Valentine

Enlargement of a stereo view by Valentine

James Valentine - view enlarged



Engraving in 'Modern Athens'  -  John Knox House in The Royal Mile

Modern Athens - 1829

Mowbray House and John Knox House  -  engraving published 1890 in Cassel's 'Old & New Edinburgh'

Old & New Edinburgh - 1890



JD Harding  -  c1854



Please click here to find John Knox House on a map of the Royal Mile.

It is No. 13, about half way down  this map on the right hand side.


Previous Owners of Moubray House

Thank you to Nick Bromfield who wrote:

"We were the last people to own the whole of Moubray House, including the shop, then called Moubray House Antiques.  My mother was an antique dealer who also had Castle Antiques at the top of the Royal Mile, still run by her partner.

Inside the first floor front door of Moubray House, on the left wall, there is a plaque.  It looks as if it maybe held a tapestry or some such. Only a wooden backing of the plaque is left. This is the remains of a tree that grew from the pavement up into the house which, obviously, had to be removed."

Nick Bromfield, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland:  February 5, 2007



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