Hartmann Postcard with Edinburgh Coat of Arms

John Knox House

John Knox House

Hartmann Real Glossy Tartan Series Postcard  -  Sepia with Edinburgh Coat of Arms  -  John Knox House

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John Knox House

The card above is one of several postcards by Hartmann that include the City of Edinburgh Coat of Arms.  This card has not been sent through the post.

The view looks down the Royal Mile

- The building jutting out into the street on the left is John Knox House.

-  Just beyond John Knox House, a few yards further down the Royal Mile was the Netherbow gate that once marked the eastern edge of the walled city of Edinburgh.


Moubray House

Next door to John Knox House
 in Edinburgh's Royal Mile

All the views below are of John Knox House, the house that juts out into the Royal Mile.

Immediately to the left of John Knox House as we look at these pictures is Moubray House, built around 1603.

It can be seen clearly on the postcard below, with its gable on the front of the building, 'HOTEL' written on the side of the gable and staircase leading down towards the well in  the Royal Mile.


Royal Mile

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