Aerial View


High Rise Flats  -   1960s

Peffermill House  and Craigmillar House

Aerial View of Craigmillar  - high rise flats under construction  -  1963

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Craigmillar  -  Aerial View

High Rise Flats

This photo shows the high rise flats, Peffermill House (left) and Craigmillar House (right) under construction in the 1960s.


This view looks to the SE.  The large building at the top of the picture is Peffermill School.  Here is an old photo of the school:

Peffermill School

Back Green

Here is a photo taken on the back green to the left of the high rise flats:

Photograph taken on the back green behind Craigmillar Castle Terrace

Craigmillar Castle Estate

The roads in this photo are:

- Running from CENTRE-LEFT to UPPER-RIGHT: Craigmillar Castle Gardens

- UPPER LEFT, leading from the left-hand side of the picture: Craigmillar Castle Grove

- UPPER LEFT, leading from the top of the picture: Craigmillar Castle Terrace

- UPPER LEFT, top-left corner: Craigmillar Castle Road

- UPPER RIGHT, beyond the school: Craigmillar Castle Avenue

Date of the Photo?

NOTE:  The Scran web site shows this photograph as having appeared in The Scotsman or Edinburgh Evening News in 1963.

However, Graham Ferguson, now living in Saudi Arabia, writes:

"I was born in a prefab at 4 Craigmillar Castle Gardens North (the site of the two high rise flats) in 1951.

I moved with my parents in 1966.  We were one of the last to leave Craigmillar Castle Gardens.

I suggest, therefore that the photograph could only have been taken in 1967 at the earliest."

 Peter Stubbs:  July 25, 2009

This photo was published in the Edinburgh Evening News on August 24, 1963




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